WHO WERE WE RUNNING FROM? on Netflix is a new thriller series from Turkey (org. title: Biz Kimden Kaçiyorduk Anne?). A mystery crime story with 7 episodes and a plot that intrigues from the beginning. Read our full Who Were We Running From? mini-series review here!

WHO WERE WE RUNNING FROM? is a new Netflix series in the crime, thriller, and mystery genres. And the mystery part is key from the very beginning. Actually, so are the thriller and crime as someone ends up dead (murdered) by the end of episode 1. The are seven 45-minute episodes and our main characters are always on the move.


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Also, the murder in episode 1 is far from the only murder in this Netflix series from Turkey (org. title: Biz Kimden Kaçiyorduk Anne?). The production is gorgeous and the settings are often like a tourism commercial, though there are characters of all kinds. It’s not all luxury and sunny days for anyone in this story!

Continue reading our Who Were We Running From? series review below. Find the mini-series on Netflix from March 24, 2023.

Mother and daughter on the run

The original title of Biz Kimden Kaçiyorduk Anne? actually translates into “Who Were We Running From, Mom?”. I don’t know why they’ve left out the “mom” part of the English title. For me, this would add a layer of intrigue and curiosity to the title alone.

In any case, in this Netflix series, we follow a mother and young daughter who have an unbreakable bond. In fact, this is very much an “us against the world” situation. The age of the daughter is difficult to determine at first as the mother dresses her younger than she clearly is. All of this is part of the intrigue.

Also, it’s quite strange because their clear goal is always to go unnoticed. Something that is impossible with the way they act. The mom takes over every room she steps into. She’s a gorgeous woman with a stern look on her face and determination in her step. A true diva in the way she deals with most people.

And a diva never goes unnoticed.

I also loved how this story is told by the people that experienced their latest impression. In episode 1, it’s the staff at a luxury hotel. In episode 7 (the final episode), it’s a police officer who is clearly very shaken by what he has witnessed. A brilliant way of showing what an impact this duo always made… all while trying to stay under the radar.

Who Were We Running From? Review | Netflix Mystery Series

Something’s strangely off

Sure, Who Were We Running From? is a thriller, crime, and mystery series so obviously, something should feel off. We know from the beginning that mother and daughter are on the run. They have been for a while. Staying in luxury hotels, though, so it’s not all bad. At first!

However, for me, the strangest part was having everyone fawn over the daughter and commenting that the mother was virtually drab. Sure, the daughter has blue eyes and blonder hair, whereas the mom has dark brown eyes and jet-black hair.

But calling the mom boring and wondering how she could have given birth to such a beauty? I never understood this. If they wanted the audience to relate to this then surely the casting was way off.

And no, that’s not to say the casting is actually wrong. These two women in the lead roles are amazing and carry the entire story on their backs. I especially enjoyed Melisa Sözen (star of the award-winning Winter Sleep) as the mother. I would definitely want her on my team during a zombie apocalypse. The alternative of being against her is terrifying.

Across from Melisa Sözen, we have Eylül Tumbar as her daughter, Bambi. And yes, the story of Bambi is one that becomes a theme throughout this Netflix series. Strangely, it also reminded me of the odd fact that Bambi (in the classic story that was made into a Disney movie) was male. Yet, the name Bambi is always for girls. Go figure!

Watch the Who Were We Running From? series on Netflix now!

The Turkish Netflix series Who Were We Running From? (org. title: Biz Kimden Kaçiyorduk Anne?) is based on the novel by Perihan Magden. The writer of the series is Ertan Kurtulan who has worked on quite a few TV series already. As directors of the seven episodes, we have Umut Aral (Yakamoz S-245) and Gökçen Usta.

For me, this was one of those stories where I just could not stop after one episode. It’s not the best series I’ve ever started on Netflix, but it does have a very strong first episode. And definitely one of the most intriguing as you don’t really know what’s going on. Or who to root for!

As luxury hotels are replaced with motels, everything starts to be revealed. A past full of pain and a struggle to break free and do things better. The fact that mother and daughter leave a trail of dead bodies behind, is a quick clue into the ruthless ways of the world. If you don’t mind non-English series, then you should definitely check out this one!

All 7 episodes of Who Were We Running From? are on Netflix from March 24, 2023.


Directors: Umut Aral, Gökçen Usta Çaylar
Script: Ertan Kurtulan
Cast: Melisa Sözen, Eylül Tumbar, Devrim Kabacaoglu, Buçe Buse Kahraman, Kubilay Tunçer, Birand Tunca, Dias Tussupbekov, Enver Husrevoglu, Denizhan Akbaba, Taylor Lauren


Hiding a mysterious past, a mother lives like a nameless fugitive with her daughter as they make hotels their home and see everyone else as a threat.

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