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Simple Creature (2/5)

Simple Creature has a fascinating story but ultimately doesn’t live up to its potential. Still, the slow-burn and concept work on some level. Simple Creature doesn’t have a huge budget, but that’s not a problem. Despite being a sci-fi thriller, the story carries most of the science fiction element, which means the more expensive effects aren’t necessary. At first, I found myself getting invested in Simple Creature because of the characters and slow-burn. However, a slow-burn only really works if we also get the roaring fire to contrast it. In this case, the slow-burn never gets to be much more than an ever-glowing...

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The Mist TV series review: Season 1, episode 2-4

The Mist TV pilot impressed us, but we’re less than thrilled with the following episodes. Hopefully, The Mist will get back on track quickly. Otherwise, I expect we won’t get more than the one season. We reviewed the pilot episode of The Mist TV series adaptation and we were pretty excited about it. The movie adaptation of Stephen King’s story is one of my favorite horror movies and so I’ve been looking forward to this TV series version. Also, we felt the pilot had many things going for it, and we loved the fact that Christian Torpe (a fellow Dane) was the creator....

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Wish Upon (4/5)

Wish Upon is one of the most pleasant surprises of the year! We had absolutely no expectations, but found it extremely entertaining. Our expectations were honestly really low as we began watching Wish Upon. Fotunately, our negative mindset was put to shame, as the movie certainly delivered in positive ways. We probably should have had higher expectations in the first place since John Leonetti made the movie. Even if his former movies have divided audiences, I generally enjoyed them.  And while Wish Upon may not be perfect, it’s very simple and honest. And most importantly; With horror as a driving force, the movie is...

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Killing Ground (4/5)

Killing Ground is yet another truly great horror movie to come out of Australia. Intense, creepy, and relentless. You have to watch this one! Killing Ground is an Australian horror movie, which means my expectations are already way up there. It’s actually pretty unfair that I expect all horror from “Down Under” to be great. But from The Loved Ones to Wolf Creek, I’ve just enjoyed some pretty awesome Australian horror movies. Nevermind the fact that both the weather and many of the animals there could kill you. The horror tends to focus on the crazy humans that apparently live there. And yet, I can’t...

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Gypsy – Season 1 (5/5)

Gypsy is a new Netflix show starring Naomi Watts and it will blow your mind. One of the most intense and creepy thriller series, I’ve ever seen! Gypsy may not have been on your radar in the midst of all the other long-running Netflix shows releasing new season. But it should be! If you like intense thrillers hugely infused with drama and lots of mystery, then Gypsy should satisfy your needs. And if you liked Gillian Anderson in The Fall, then you’ll love Naomi Watts in Gypsy. Naomi Watts (Shut In) plays the all-important lead role. Or actually, she continuously plays two roles;...

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