Author: Karina "ScreamQueen" Adelgaard

IT – Part 1 (4/5)

IT – Part 1 is finally here! And yes, it was worth the wait. Will you love the new Pennywise as much as the Tim Curry version? You should! IT – Part 1 is the new adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic horror novel. The book was first adapted as a TV mini-series in 1990. In other words, this new adaptation is very appropriately released 27 years later. For the uninitiated; Pennywise also returns every 27 years. The question on everyone’s mind is of course: Is the new Pennywise version as good as Tim Curry’s iconic portrayal? The answer: Bill Skarsgård is...

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Little Evil (3/5)

Little Evil is a dark horror-comedy with a great cast. It might not hit all marks perfectly, but it’s good fun and a solid Netflix original. Little Evil has a stellar cast and lots of wonderful references to classic horror movies. Not just the obvious The Omen, though of course there are plenty of references to that one. Yet somehow little Lucas almost reminds me more of an AC/DC band member than Damien. Speaking of little Lucas, he’s portrayed by Owen Atlas, who does a wonderful job. He’s definitely got a way with giving those evil eyes. And he’s equally skilled at...

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The Mist – Season 1

Season 1 of The Mist was a love-hate rollercoaster for me. Ultimately, I downright loathe how it turned out. I mean WTF? Here’s our season 1 review. After watching the season (and maybe series?) finale of The Mist season 1, my first thought was; What a shit show! And really, this is not what I expected. Afterall, I loved the pilot episode of The Mist and gave it a very positive review. Of course, I also had to return with a follow-up review of the following episodes, since it went very wrong, very quickly. I mean, you can expect shows to sometimes lose their...

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Death Note (3/5)

Death Note offers remarkably light entertainment. It has a comic book style that works perfectly with horror and fantasy. However, I doubt fans of the original manga series will recognize the characters. The story of Death Note was first presented in a Japanese manga series. It has since been made into an anime, TV drama and films in its native Japan. However, for this Netflix production, it seems to be pretty “loosely based” on the original story and characters. I haven’t personally read the Death Note manga series, but I’ve read enough to struggle with recognizing the characters. And not just because they’re...

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The Ice Cream Truck (4/5)

The Ice Cream Truck is a wonderfully off-beat classic slasher movie. It’s got that 1980’s vibe but with a satirical retro touch that offers moments of pure horror-comedy. The Ice Cream Truck definitely has a lot going for it. Well, if you love horror of the slasher, retro, and/or horror-comedy variety, anyway. Basically, with The Ice Cream Truck, you get all of the above! From the very beginning, you know you’re in for a treat. The characters are off-beat and the suburban neighborhood is everything you dread if you love living in the city. And also, the main protagonist, Mary, is all kinds of...

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