Author: Karina "ScreamQueen" Adelgaard

Dark Crimes (2/5)

Dark Crimes takes place in Poland and stars Jim Carrey. As always, Carrey is good when he is dark and serious, but the story in this thriller is just bad. Dark Crimes looked pretty good based on the trailer. Unfortunately, it’s just not! Besides the fact that I pretty much hate it when everyone speaks English in a non-English speaking country, the acting generally isn’t great. Sure, everyone – whether from Poland or not – speaks English with a Slavic accent. But really, that just makes everything even stranger. And one person doesn’t have any accent except for her...

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Knuckleball (4/5)

Knuckleball is a delicious little horror thriller that should entertain most. If ever you were afraid of being alone, just follow the lead of 12-year old Henry. Knuckleball is listed as a thriller on IMDb, but it could just as easily be a horror movie. A 12-year old boy suddenly finds himself alone on a farm while trapped in a snow storm with a psychopath outside. Sounds pretty much like a horror movie, right? Don’t worry, in Knuckleball there might be a lot of violence displayed, but the kid is the one bringing the pain. He’s not some psycho kid, but...

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Ghostland (4/5)

Ghostland shows Pascal Laugier returning to his horror roots. This is no Hollywood production and it shows – in the best way. Also, you will be jumping in your seat. Both from sheer joy and absolute terror! Ghostland is the very anticipated new horror movie from the writer and director, who brought us Martyrs ten years ago. In the meanwhile, he wrote and directed the Hollywood production The Tall Man, which starred Jennifer Biel (The Sinner). It wasn’t really a bad movie, but it just didn’t feel like something from the mind behind Martyrs. However, Ghostland is most definitely something that feels like it came...

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Ghost Stories (4/5)

Ghost Stories is a supernatural horror thriller that gets pretty crazy. Fortunately, it’s perfect for the story and gives the actors lots to work with! Ghost Stories features – surprise, surprise – stories about ghosts. Or rather, cases that the skeptic Professor Goodman tries to disprove. He doesn’t believe in ghosts or anything supernatural so obviously, his convictions need to be tested. Essentially, Ghost Stories is a horror anthology since it consists of three separate short stories. All of which the professor needs to investigate. Each of the stories also features another main character, which is the person who experienced the paranormal...

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Revenge (5/5)

Revenge is one of the best female-driven vengeance and survival movies, I have ever watched. In fact, it might even be the best and you should all enjoy this crazy ride from writer-director Coralie Fargeat. Revenge stars Matilda Lutz (or Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, as she is also known) in the all-important and powerful starring role. The entire cast consists of only her and three men. Well, plus a very brief appearance of a fourth man and the voice of an additional woman over the phone. And it is absolutely perfect! Every one of the four characters, the story...

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