Best Horror Movies

To make it easier for all you horror fans, when you want to find the best horror movies, we’ve created a guide sorted by our reviews. Enjoy! 

Obviously, we want to highlight the best horror movies. However, sometimes you’ve seen them all or you want something more laid-back. Here’s how to find your next movie based on Heaven of Horror review:

Here’s how to find your next movie based on Heaven of Horror review:

5 or 4 stars review (or rather, blood spatters) is a definite recommendation to watch.

3 stars usually mean it’s very entertaining, but once is probably enough. It’s a safe bet if you want to be entertained and need nothing more.

2 stars are for movies that show definite potential and have some winning qualities, which should suit some viewers but might not be for everyone.

1 star isn’t something we recommend*.

Click on the number of stars below and find out which horror movie to watch…

Best Horror Movies:

Decent Horror Movies:

Worst Horror Movies:

*We do have to admit that any movie receiving just 1 star might be worth watching. But for different reasons. As in; You will not enjoy this as a horror movie, but you’ll be inspired that they managed to even make a movie. You might even be left wondering if you shouldn’t make your own movie.

Who knows, maybe you’ll end up making one of the best horror movies and find it here on our list.