Heaven of Horror is your source for news, reviews and entertainment when it comes to horror, thriller and sci-fi movies & TV shows.

To be fair, we really love all kinds of movies and TV shows, but these genres just hold a special place in our horrible hearts!

We have love and passion for movies and TV shows, so you won’t find much negativity here – except, we do hate to wait years and years for these awesome productions to finally come out – and we can find something good in most subgenres. Especially if humor is a driving force along with horror!

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Heaven of Horror is hardly a new website in its native Denmark, where we started www.heavenofhorror.dk back in May 2009. However, we experienced an impressive increase in traffic from especially the US, UK, Canada and Australia, so we decided to embark on total world domination with Heaven of Horror in this .com version.

Also, this website is run by two girls, which is pretty different in this genre. We’ve had contributing writers and always welcome this – no matter who or what you are. Also, we go by the names ScreamQueen and HorrorDiva, but our real-life names are Karina and Nadja respectively, so it’s not some big secret. We just started out with these usernames and it stuck.

Another thing that’s hardly a secret is the fact that we’re both gay. Now, you may be thinking “Okay, that’s great for you, but it hardly seems relevant.” And you’re right, it’s not relevant to our love of horror, but it’s pretty relevant to us. We’re even married, so it’s pretty damn official anyway, and in a time where rights and equality is always debated, we just wanted it out there (pun intended).

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