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Want to advertise on Heaven of Horror? Well, we do have quite the wonderful audience of horror-loving people, so if you want to reach them, this is the place!

So, you want to advertise on Heaven of Horror? Here’s a bit more information for you to look over.

The options and prices we offer as of January 2018 are banner advertising, advertorials (content marketing) and giveaway contests.

Read more about each option below. Or click here to read more about the people behind Heaven of Horror >

Banner advertising on Heaven of Horror

We have 3 banner formats that we sell on a weekly basis 100% share of voice. All bookings start on a Monday (at midnight PST).

Basically, if you buy one of these spots, it’s yours for 7 days straight. Every single impression to every single person visiting our website.

These are the available banner formats

> Top banner: 930x180px

> Top right: 300x250px

> Right skyscraper: 300x600px

You can also book all three formats for maximum exposure!

We offer prices starting at $60-80 per banner per week (7 full days).
If you book all three banner spots in the same week, we will offer a 10% volume discount.

Deadline: Banner to be delivered no later than Friday before the booking begins. We accept JPEG, PNG and GIF formats for these placements. Max. 150 kb for all formats.

Contact us to hear more about banner advertising >

Please note! All three main banner placements are sold-out until week 30 of 2018
If you wish to book anything from week 30 or beyond (such as Halloween), please get in touch for price quotes and bookings.

Advertise via Content Marketing

Content Marketing or Advertorials are articles published on Heaven of Horror to increase knowledge of your product and/or build links to your own website.

The price will vary depending on supply and demand. We will only allow a maximum of one new advertorial per month on our website.

Prices begin at $150 dollars for articles you write and deliver to us (pending our approval).

Payment for this is upon article release!

Contact us to hear more about Content Marketing >

Partnerships regarding give-away contest

If you want to partner up with Heaven of Horror in order to sponsor prizes for a contest, we’re always interested.

After all, this will only benefit our readers (while giving your product exposure) and we’re all about bringing more horror to our readers. In the best way possible, of course!

Contact us to hear more about partnerships >