THE UNHEARD on Shudder is a new horror movie with lots of truly creepy moments. Exactly the kind of horror that creeps under my skin. Also, there’s a serial killer subplot. There’s a good story, but it is too long. Read our full The Unheard movie review here!

THE UNHEARD is a new Shudder horror movie that I immediately connected with. The creepy horror moments utilized early on (of the psychological horror variety), just got me hooked. However, I do think it’s way too long which ultimately dulled the experience for me.

I still very much want to recommend this movie, so it’s not like it completely lost me. It’s just that I was finding it extremely intriguing and that didn’t last. The story and acting worked brilliantly for me, so it’s all about the pace. Too many moments lingering which did not help the story. I get why, but when so heavily utilized, it loses the intended impact. It just irritates.

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When you can’t trust your own senses

There have been many movies where the main character can’t trust their own senses. Either due to being drugged (or using drugs themselves) or mental illness. In the case of The Unheard, it’s more of a physiological issue. Though our main character is unsure of what is real and what isn’t.

Having lost her hearing as a child, Chloe Grayden (Lachlan Watson of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), takes part in an experimental procedure. The purpose is to completely restore her hearing, which does seem to happen. However, she is also hearing the voice of her mother, who vanished when Chloe was a child.

In fact, while in a coma due to meningitis, Chloe woke up without her hearing and her mother. Whether she left or was the victim of an accident or crime, no one knows. Chloe does still have her dad and the two clearly have a very good relationship.

The auditory hallucinations Chloe experiences do seem to revolve around her mother, so obviously, she isn’t sure what to trust. Also, strange things are happening around her while she’s alone in the family cabin that’s about to be put up for sale.

The Unheard – Review | Shudder Horror Movie

A serial killer on the loose

From Chloe’s arrival at the cabin in a small town, we see posters of missing women. A lot of missing women. To anyone who’s keeping attention, the obvious conclusion is that a serial killer is on the loose. However, as seen in numerous movies and documentaries, the police are rarely quick to heavily investigate cases where many women disappear suddenly.

Understandably sometimes, and a damn mystery at other times.

In The Unheard, there is a serial killer plot that plays out. A subplot at first, but ultimately it becomes the main plot. It works really well in the context of the plot in this movie. It absolutely does. What also works brilliantly for me is the performances by the cast.

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The director of this new Shudder horror movie is Jeffrey A. Brown. This is his second feature film as he had his debut with The Beach House (2019). The screenplay for The Unheard comes from Michael Rasmussen and Shawn Rasmussen, who also wrote movies such as Alexandre Aja’s Crawl (2019) and John Carpenter’s The Ward (2010).

Lachlan Watson delivers a very powerful performance as Chloe. Both while being without hearing and when struggling with having it come back with auditory hallucinations on top. Supporting roles are portrayed by familiar faces such as Brendan Meyer (The Friendship Game), Nick Sandow (Clarice, Orange Is the New Black), and Shunori Ramanathan (Gypsy).

What doesn’t work for me, is the lingering way too long at way too uncomfortable moments. We’re talking about actual discomfort in terms of flickering lights (which there is an appropriate warning for) and intense sounds. The fact that this is what adds so much time to the overall runtime is a shame.

With a runtime closer to the two-hour mark than the 90-minute sweet spot, it lost out on being truly brilliant.

The Unheard is streaming on Shudder from March 31, 2023


Director: Jeffrey A. Brown
Writers: Michael Rasmussen, Shawn Rasmussen
Cast: Lachlan Watson, Nick Sandow, Brendan Meyer


The Unheard follows 20-year-old Chloe Grayden (Lachlan Watson), who after undergoing an experimental procedure to restore her damaged hearing, begins to suffer from auditory hallucinations seemingly related to the mysterious disappearance of her mother.

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