WORLD’S MOST WANTED is a new Netflix true-crime documentary series. With just five episodes each depicting a new criminal, this docu-series should leave you both angry and shocked. It is extremely brutal and direct. In other words, this is not for everyone. Read our full World’s Most Wanted season 1 review here!

WORLD’S MOST WANTED is a new Netflix docu-series. Once again we’re in the true-crime genre and this one covers cases from all over the world. You should still have heard of every single one of these crimes. You might not know the name of the wanted criminal, but you will surely know of their deeds.

This Netflix documentary series should also come with a very direct warning: This is real life and it is full of death and murder. You will see people being killed and bodies piled up in the streets. World’s Most Wanted on Netflix is extremely brutal and direct. As it should be since this is meant to represent the actual events. Not a fictitious version of them.

Continue reading our World’s Most Wanted season 1 review below. And do check it out on Netflix as well. If you can stomach watching it.

Some are caught but not all

Season 1 of World’s Most Wanted has just five episodes and while some end with the wanted person being caught, others do not. No matter the outcome, I found myself getting angry with both the criminal and the people meant to catch them. So many mistakes and “deals” are made. It should both anger and disgust many viewers!

I’m sure you’ll find some episodes more disturbing than others. I know I certainly did. For whatever reason, some crimes will always hit harder than others. Watching an episode about the drug cartels in Mexico was a tough way to begin and features a lot of death. Then comes episode 2 of World’s Most Wanted which features the genocide in Rwanda and I almost wanted to stop watching.

Not because it isn’t good, but because it is so grotesquely brutal. And real!

And we do need to watch these things to try and understand, which can hopefully lead to preventing future events of this magnitude. I must admit that the current political world climate doesn’t really support any such hopes and dreams. But maybe being reminded of just how cruel human beings can be to one another will influence someone, who can and will make a difference in the future.

World's Most Wanted – Netflix Review

Watch World’s Most Wanted on Netflix now!

The five episodes of World’s Most Wanted each feature a new case that comes with its own set of horrifying images. I would definitely recommend watching the entire series. If we don’t know our history, we are doomed to repeat it.

There are elements of this docu-series that reminded me of the Netflix documentary series Fear City: New York vs The Mafia. Mostly in terms of hearing the investigators explain how the case was worked. But also in showing the gruesome events which include many images of dead bodies. In other ways, it reminded me more of Unsolved Mysteries which is also on Netflix now in a reboot version.

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If you cared for either of those two true-crime series on Netflix, then you really don’t want to miss out on this new documentary. In many ways, this is the most intense and horrifying of them all since it covers huge crimes that have shaped (and continue to influence) the world today.

Season 1 of World’s Most Wanted is out on Netflix from August 5, 2020.


Suspected of heinous crimes, they’ve avoided capture despite massive rewards and global investigations. A docuseries profiling the world’s most wanted.

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