THE WOMB (2022) on Netflix is a horror movie from Indonesia (org. title: Inang). While it does run a bit too long at almost two hours, it’s still a really solid movie overall. It has a strong story that isn’t just “pure evil” as you might first think. Read our full The Womb movie review here!

THE WOMB (2022) is a new Netflix horror movie about a pregnant woman. Her pregnancy isn’t full of horror, but her surroundings are. In other words, the pregnancy itself isn’t the issue. This is an Indonesian movie (org. title: Inang) but with a pregnant woman at the heart of the story, it has a very universal starting point.

Overall, this is very much a horror-thriller with some slow-burn drama along the way. However, I was happy that the story wasn’t “just” crazy CGI and jump scares. Instead, the actual story – which is revealed in the third act – is one I think many can relate to. In some way!

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Surprisingly good and relatable

While there are certainly elements of the story that might not be easily understood by audiences in the Western part of the world, they are surprisingly few and far between. A young woman finds herself struggling with an unplanned pregnancy and the father of the child is only interested in helping financially for her to get rid of “it”.

The first reaction of the young woman is to get angry, but this doesn’t help much. Instead, she turns to Facebook and finds a support group. It’s through this Facebook group that she finds a mysterious older couple who are looking to adopt.

She goes to live with them – after circumstances leave her homeless – and they are the sweetest and kindest people. They never pressure her into making the decision to choose them as the perfect family for the baby in her womb. However, that’s when you need to remember that this is a horror movie. So, when something feels too good to be true, it probably is.

And that’s all I’ll say about that to avoid spoilers.

The Womb (2022) – Review | Netflix | Inang

Pregnant women and horror

Pregnant women and horror have long been a strong match. From Rosemary’s Baby (1968) to the brutal À l’intérieur (2007), this huge change in the life of those expecting is perfect to create a horror story. Often they turn supernatural or paranormal, but there are plenty of things to be worried (even scared) about with any new life.

Something the three horror movies below mentioned we’ve seen in 2023 so far are perfect examples of.

This is the most classic horror story of the three. We very recently reviewed the Mexican Huesera – The Bone Woman which was more of a psychological and emotional drama with horror elements. Find our Huesera movie review here >

Before that, there was Baby Ruby which is a straight-up psychological horror movie, but probably won’t be viewed as horror by everyone. We loved it here at Heaven of Horror due to the amazing cast. You can find our review of Baby Ruby right here >

Now there’s The Womb from Indonesia (org. title: Inang), which has more of the classic horror movie elements. However, for this one as well, the true strength of the story is its emotional core. And the story in this one is good and one that will probably leave you with the old “What would I do?!”-question rumbling around in your mind.

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The Womb is the first horror movie for director Fajar Nugros, but that doesn’t show in any way. There’s a firm grip on creating situations that deliver both suspense and horror. Also, yes, there are a few jump scares. However, it’s clearly the story itself that’s meant to scare. Not just a moment here or there.

As mentioned earlier, this is the third movie in 2023 that features a pregnant woman and has a horror story (of some sort) that begins with her pregnancy. While The Womb does run a bit too long at almost two hours, it’s a really solid movie overall. I was certain it would feel way too long, but it really doesn’t.

The screenplay comes from Deo Mahameru and the strong story is what makes this movie work. It isn’t just “pure evil” as you might first think. The actions of some people in this movie are brutal – I mean, the kind that will stick with you after watching the film – but there is a reason behind their actions. One that is a lot better than what many horror movies can deliver on!

The Womb (2022) is out on Netflix from February 16, 2023.


Director: Fajar Nugros
Writer: Deo Mahameru
Stars: Naysila Mirdad, Dimas Anggara, Lydia Kandou, Nungki Kusumastuti, Pritt Timothy, Rania Putrisari, Rukman Rosadi, Totos Rasiti


Grappling with an unplanned pregnancy, a woman turns in desperation to a mysterious older couple who promise to take care of her baby.

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