KILL ME IF YOU DARE (2024) on Netflix is a Polish Dark Comedy (org. titel: Zabij mnie, kochanie). It’s a remake of a Turkish movie from 2019, but the universal story is perfect for more versions. Read our full Kill Me If You Dare movie review here!

KILL ME IF YOU DARE (2024) is a new Netflix movie from Poland (org. titel: Zabij mnie, kochanie). While officially labeled as just “romance” or simply the overall “drama”, this is very much a dark comedy. I mean, it’s essentially about a couple with their marriage on the fritz who wins a lot of money.

This should help save their marriage, but instead, they start hatching plans to kill each other. Love might still be there, but trust is gone, so the prize money becomes their main focus. It’s a remake of a Turkish movie from 2019, which isn’t mentioned anywhere really, but it is. Also, it’s quite charming.

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Till death do us part. Or money?

In Kill Me If You Dare, the plot is almost the title. However, the story behind the whole “killing”-ordeal begins somewhere else. We meet a young couple as the man proposes to the woman and she says yes. Then there’s a time jump and when we meet them again, they’re celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary.

Also, they look about ten years older and are just tired. Their finances aren’t too great and they are not good at focusing on what the other needs. Just when things are looking really bad, they win a small fortune on a scratch-off lottery ticket.

This should be the end of all their troubles, but instead, it has grave consequences. In fact, they start hatching plans to kill each other. Neither trusts the other and they each decide to go after the prize money. Apart from the whole prize money plot, it reminded me of The Trip but I liked that one much better than this.

Maybe that’s just my personal preference as The Trip is much more violent and crazy. Also, it’s Scandinavian, which I relate to better, I suppose.

Kill Me If You Dare (2024) – Review | Netflix | Dark Comedy

Polish remake of a Turkish movie

If you’ve watched a Turkish movie on Netflix that you feel had a similar plot, then you’re on to something. The 2019 movie Kill Me If You Dare from Turkey (org. title: Öldür Beni Sevgilim) has the exact same plot. It’s also on Netflix in many countries, so you can check that one out if you want to as well.

For the record, I can easily see why this Turkish movie would get a remake. I mean, any story about relationships impacted by financial struggles and lack of attention in day-to-day life is universal. When watching this 2024 Kill Me If You Dare from Poland on Netflix, it’s also easy to imagine even more remakes.

Sure, there are some silly moments, but this is also very much a dark comedy with a romance plot and a heavy thriller driver. After all, it does become a survival story… but in the vein of very dark comedy.

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The director of this Polish Netflix movie is Filip Zylber. The screenplay for the 2024 Kill Me If You Dare movie was written by Hanna Węsierska. Again, no mention of the Turkish 2019 movie is made, but the plots are identical. It’s entertaining, but just not really my jam. I wanted it to get wilder and bolder, but this isn’t that kind of movie.

Filip Zylber and Hanna Wesierska also made the 2023 Netflix movie The Taming of the Shrewd 2 together. Hanna Wesierska also co-wrote the first movie for Netflix which came out in 2022.

This Netflix movie is perfect for Valentine’s Day as it’s all about relationships and whether love can prevail. If you’re looking for a horror comedy for Valentine’s Day, you might want to consider My Bloody Galentine on TUBI. And if you want a great sci-fi horror thriller with a heartbreaking romance story, check out Cellphone on VOD instead!

Kill Me If You Dare (2024) is on Netflix from February 13, 2024.


Director: Filip Zylber
Writer: Hanna Węsierska
Stars: Weronika Ksiazkiewicz, Mateusz Banasiuk, Agnieszka Wiedlocha, Piotr Rogucki, Paulina Galazka


A winning lottery ticket has grave consequences for a married couple when they start hatching plans to kill each other for the prize money.

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