FURIES on Netflix is a whirlwind of an action, crime, and thriller movie from Vietnam (org. title: Thanh Sói). Awesome martial arts fight and gorgeous visuals. A pure retro delight with a story playing out in Saigon in the 1990s. Read our full Furies movie review here!

FURIES is a new Netflix movie from Vietnam (org. title: Thanh Sói). In fact, it’s labeled as the first Netflix original film from Vietnam. It’s a prequel to the 2019 hit movie Furie but you can watch this one on its own. This Netflix action delight is a tale of justice and revenge, which is always enough to get me intrigued.

However, as you’ll find out, justice and revenge can have a hard time co-existing in a world of crime. Most women are treated like objects, or rather trash. They have no value and are both expendable and interchangeable. At times, this is very uncomfortable to watch. In terms of both violence and sexual assault.

There are so many breathtaking fight scenes in this, and the stunt choreography and cinematography are tight. Also, I love how in this movie, you can see blood and bruises on the characters after a fight. This is not pretty and sexy fighting. It is visually gorgeous, though.

If you love John Wick, Atomic Blonde, The Raid, and other fast-paced action movies, do not miss out on Furies

Continue reading our Furies movie review below. Find it on Netflix globally from March 23, 2023.

The underworld of Saigon in the 1990s

If the soundtrack wasn’t enough to set the stage for the 1990s for you, then the outfits and hairstyle surely will. From the neon tracksuit to one of the main villain’s minions having a haircut similar to that of Aqua band member, Søren Rasted. Yes, the “Barbie Girl”-band though none of their songs is in this movie.

I absolutely love the vibrant retro backdrop of 1990s Saigon. The kitsch style of the characters and the neon lights actually feels like a natural part of the world. Not “just” as an addition to create contrast. Though it most certainly does manage to enjoy that effect as well.

In Furies, we meet Bi as a young girl and follow her in quick time lapses as her life is going nowhere. Then it’s the story of Bi, Thanh, and Hong, who are three fierce and furious vigilantes. They are trained by the extremely tough and revered “Aunt Lin”. Together, they have the clear goal of taking down a crime lord named Hai.

It’s very clearly a revenge story, as revealed in the trailer, but there are more layers to every character. Obviously, this is what makes the movie more than just an action flick. Hey, I loved The Raid as much as the next action fan, but I still prefer a bit more depth.

Furies (2023) – Review | Netflix Action-Thriller

Veronica Ngo is brutal elegance

There are several characters carrying this movie and Veronica Ngo is a key member among them. Also, she did star in the 2019 movie Furie which this new Netflix movie is a prequel to. Veronica Ngo is one tough lady and she is pure elegance when she fights.

Well, okay, maybe brutal elegance is more like it.

Vietnamese star Veronica Ngo was also in The Old Guard (2020) where she teamed up with Charlize Theron. She will likely play a bigger part in the sequel The Old Guard 2 which is currently in the stages of post-production. Also, you may have seen her in the Hulu action fantasy movie The Princess (2022) starring Joey King.

Vietnamese female action heroes

The trio of female assassins consists of Bi (Dong Anh Quynh), who is in constant battle with herself. Always questioning what’s right and wrong – and who she can trust. Then there’s Thanh (portrayed by singer Toc Tien), and she is the eldest of the three which she takes seriously. She is always protecting her chosen sisters with direct actions.

Finally, there’s the quirky, sweet, and optimistic Hong (Rima Thanh Vy) who delivers perfect contrast to both the other two fighters in the trio and the gritty and dark backdrop. Hong is a fierce fighter but she’ll get you close with her kindness before killing you swiftly.

These three actors are what make Furies work so well. Obviously, along with Veronica Ngo and all the amazing actors portraying bad guys (and gals) they come across in the criminal underworld they infiltrate. Also, yes, there are good people. But you just know all those that are kind and understanding will pay the price. It’s just that kind of movie.

Fair warning: There is nothing fair about the events in Furies. It’s a story of revenge which always ends in a lot of blood and violence. And also death for many people!

Watch Furies on Netflix now!

The director of Furies is one of its stars, Veronica Ngo (under her Vietnamese name Ngo Thanh Van). This is the third feature film directed by Veronica Ngo, so she’s hardly a newcomer. Also, she’s well-versed in the art of making martial arts movies. Usually as the star, but she can clearly handle doing both.

In fact, she is also one of the writers of this prequel. She wrote the screenplay with Aaron Toronto, Uyen Nguyen Nha Ly, Thach Ngoc Nguyen, and Nhan Truong Nguyen.

Apart from seeing the always breathtaking fight scenes with Veronica Ngo, Furies does an excellent job of introducing a new generation of strong Vietnamese female action heroes. And via Netflix, this introduction is to a global audience.

This is clearly something that was important to producer, director, and lead actor, Veronica Ngo. With this movie she has said that she hopes to inspire audiences; “Even if fate knocks us down at the bottom of society, we can still rise up and change our destiny”.

The production quality is so impressive that many filmmakers should be envious. Beyond this, Vietnamese storytelling is quite similar to South Korean storytelling. Hopefully, Netflix viewers will give this movie the same chance that movies from South Korea are finally getting. We don’t (officially) give half stars here, but it would be getting 3½ out of 5.

Furies is out on Netflix from March 23, 2023.


Director: Veronica Ngo
Screenwriters: Veronica Ngo, Aaron Toronto, Uyen Nguyen Nha Ly, Thach Ngoc Nguyen, Nhan Truong Nguyen
Cast: Dong Anh Quynh, Veronica Ngo, Tóc Tiên, Rima Thanh Vy, Thuan Nguyen, Song Luan, Gi A Nguyen, Phan Thanh Hien


Three furious vigilantes unite to take down a sinister crime syndicate that controls the mean streets of ’90s Saigon in this prequel to “Furie.”

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