LUZIFER is a horror-drama from Austria. It’s extremely disturbing and dark in ways that will shock many viewers. Also, it’s based on a true story of exorcism. Those never end well. Screened at Fantastic Fest. Read our full Luzifer movie review here!

LUZIFER is a new Austrian horror drama which means the dialogue is in German. However, please note that there isn’t much dialogue in this movie, so it shouldn’t be an issue if you tend to shy away from movies that aren’t in English.

The main character is a man with the mental capacity of a child. He doesn’t have much of a vocabulary, which means the dialogue is sparse. His relationship with his mother is not healthy because she is not healthy. She has replaced her drug and alcohol addiction with a disturbing form of religion.

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The horror version of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

When watching the main character of Johannes, you’ll see an adult man that clearly doesn’t view the world as an adult. Also, his mother isn’t able to truly be a caring and loving parent to him. She does love him but also uses religion as punishment.

When outside forces begin to disturb the peace that has kept mother, Maria, clean and sober, things start to unravel. To me, this played out like a horror version of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Johannes constantly tries to do the right thing, but his mother hasn’t really taught him the ways of the world.

Why should she, when she has decided they will live out their lives in seclusion.

Luzifer – Review [Fantastic Fest]

Johannes has his pet eagle (and several owls) that he seems to interact extremely well with. Also, there’s a female veterinarian that comes by and she’s the first real temptation for Johannes.

When mother discovers that Johannes does things, she feels he shouldn’t, punishment is swift and harsh. And it also involves physical pain or discomfort of some form to “push out the devil”. Susanne Jensen is scary and amazing as the mother, while Franz Rogowski is all kinds of brilliant as Johannes.

You won’t forget Luzifer right away!

Peter Brunner is the writer and director of Luzifer and I was extremely impressed. Just before this movie, Peter Brunner wrote and directed the movie To the Night starring Caleb Landry Jones and Abbey Lee.

Also, you should know that this movie is visually stunning. The Austrian landscape takes your breath away with its beauty before we see the ugly side of human nature.

All parts of this movie should stay with you, but the ending of Luzifer does leave a special mark on its viewers. Also, this seems to be the part that was inspired by a real-life exorcism. Yet another example of what teaching via religion instead of science can result in, when combined with other drastic circumstances.

We screened LUZIFER at Fantastic Fest 2021.


Director: Peter Brunner
Writer: Peter Brunner
Stars: Susanne Jensen, Franz Rogowski, Theo Blaickner, Monika Hinterhuber


Johannes, a man with the mind of a child, lives secluded in the Austrian Alps with his God-fearing mother. When a developer starts buying out the land in order to build a cable car, their world is turned upside down with tragic consequences.

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