TIL DEATH DO US PART is a new sci-fi thriller anthology series on Netflix. It’s from Taiwan and each episode is a short film. Much like you know it from the successful sci-fi thriller series Black Mirror. Read more about each episode in our Season 1 Til Death Do Us Part review here.

Til Death Do Us Part is a new sci-fi thriller anthology series on Netflix. The new series is from Taiwan and season 1 consists of 7 episodes.

Much like the other very popular sci-fi horror thriller series Black Mirror, each episode is a separate story. Basically, the new anthology series is made up of short films that all land around the 30 minutes runtime mark.

In this review we’re covering each episode in the anthology, so you can read more in our Til Death Do Us Part review below. Of course, you can also just head over to Netflix and start watching. 

Til Death Do Us Part (2019) Netflix Series Review

Episode 1 of Til Death Do Us Part is “Hit and Run”

The runtime of the first episode Hit and Run is 25 minutes. The plot of this episode can be found below.

Legend has it that when a person escapes death in an accident, they will be trapped in a time loop. The only way to stop this is to die or have someone else take their place as a replacement. Getting killed in a DUI every night, a guy tries to get his life back to normal, and the only solution is…

Verdict: 4/5 

Hit an Run is a very dark and serious take on the time-loop death plot we know from Happy Death Day. A strong beginning to this new Taiwanese sci-fi thriller anthology.

Episode 2 of Til Death Do Us Part is “Perfectly Spotless”

The second of season one clocks in at 26 minutes. Read the plot for Perfectly Spotless below:

Living in a neat and tidy neighborhood, Ting believes that nothing is wrong with her life as long as there is no stain in sight. To live up to the standard, she will do whatever it takes.

Verdict: 3/5

Perfectly Spotless feels more like an episode of Black Mirror – even if it is more on the “artsy” side. Another obvious way to describe it is The Voices meets Shutter Island. And yet, it is completely its own story. 

Episode 3 of Til Death Do Us Part is “Big Cat”

The runtime of the third episode titled Big Cat is 30 minutes. This makes it one of the longest episodes of the season. Read the plot of Big Cat below:

Craving for love, a cook gives everything to his young wife but is betrayed and humiliated in return. Grinding the knife like a beast sharpening the teeth, he will show no mercy and tear her apart.

Verdict: 2/5

Big Cat wasn’t really my cup of tea. Mostly in terms of style (both visual and storytelling) because it certainly is entertaining in a weird and crazy way. This isn’t really about an actual cat as much as it’s about a married couple. They probably will drive you crazy just like they drive each other very crazy. 

Episode 4 of Til Death Do Us Part is “No Pets Allowed”

No Pets Allowed marks the halfway point of season one and has a runtime of 27 minutes. Here’s the plot:

In an apartment building that forbids pets, two kids secretly try to take care of a stray cat, and a mother that goes astray. One day when the building starts to smell, the kids realize it’s not easy to look after anything or anyone.

Verdict: 4/5

No Pets Allowed is a really tough and downright heartbreaking story. Told from a child’s point of view, it’s simply a small slice of life for two kids living very different lives. And really, they just want to have a pet and be allowed to play with each other.

Til Death Do Us Part (2019) Netflix Series Review

Episode 5 of Til Death Do Us Part is “Last Stop: Paradise”

The runtime of Last Stop: Paradise is 30 minutes and this is the plot:

Married for 30 years, a couple try to rekindle passion by entering a mysterious institute in which they get rejuvenated and fall for each other again. Little do they know this comes with a price they might not be happy to pay.

Verdict: 4/5

Last Stop: Paradise is a wonderful short film all on its own. And it’s also perfect as part of this anthology. In some way, it reminded me of my favorite episode of the sci-fi horror series Black Mirror while also being very different. Overall, this story is just full of love and hope – even when facing something very sinister!

Episode 6 of Til Death Do Us Part is “Login Trouble”

The pentultimate episode of Til Death Do Us Part season one is Login Trouble which has a runtime of 28 minutes.

Here’s the plot for Login Trouble which shows you what happens to people who catfish others online!

Driven by vanity, an ordinary woman uses a beautiful girl’s photo to create a fake social media account. Under this new identity, her dream comes true as exciting things pop up in life; Popularity, confidence, romance and…a murder!

Verdict: 3/5

Login Trouble feels strangely familiar and you will probably guess the plot twists well in advance. Still, this is a pretty wild story with an awesome ending that is absolutely on-point.

Episode 7 of Til Death Do Us Part is “Tunnel”

The final episode of Season 1 has a runtime of 27 minutes. Check out the plot for Tunnel here:

An ex-con is attracted to a mysterious woman. Finding her sad and vulnerable, he wants to take care of her. He is willing to do anything to keep her from sufering, just like he did for his mother years ago.

Verdict: 2/5

While Tunnel is a very beautiful short film, it doesn’t really feel at home in this anthology. As a stand-alone movie, however, it is very interesting and also very heartbreaking.

Watch Season 1 of Til Death Do Us Part on Netflix now!

While Til Death Do Us Part is a series consisting of short films from Asia, the stories do tend to be very universal. Hopefully, a lot of Netflix viewers will give this anthology series a chance. There’s no doubt that you’ll like some episodes more than others, but isn’t that the case with every show.

I mean, we all have our favorite episodes of Black Mirror (San Junipero forever for me). Whatever kind of story you like, there should be something for you in this new antology series. Afterall, it covers the genres sci-fi, thriller and horror. Just like we do here at Heaven of Horror.

Give Til Death Do Us Part a shot on Netflix and find your favorite episode of season 1. Maybe we’ll get a season 2 if enough of you will give this genre anthology a chance.

Til Death Do Us Part is out on Netflix in the US, UK, Canada and other countries from August 15, 2019.


Stars: River Huang, Chen-Ling Wen, Phoebe Lin, Dara Hanfman, Janel Tsai, Nikki Hsin-Ying Hsieh, Hsia Teng-hung, Lin He-xuan


This sci-fi thriller anthology is based on MirrorFiction short stories. All of them take a deep dive into our deepest desires – and our greatest fears!

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