DEADLY INVITATIONS on Tubi is a 2024 thriller that feels oddly familiar yet has a new plot. Lots of predictable plot points but also a nice twist in the end. Not great, not bad either. Read our full Deadly Invitations movie review here!

DEADLY INVITATIONS is a new Tubi thriller. While there are plenty of bad Tubi thrillers, there are also quite a lot of decent ones, and even a few good ones.

This one is very much a middle-of-the-road experience. In other words, you can watch this for some light entertainment and that’s what you’ll get. The runtime is right around an hour and a half, so even that can’t be argued with.

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A secret club and anonymous famous people

In Deadly Invitation, we meet a mother and daughter who have just moved to a new town. Mom is trying to get over her husband’s alleged suicide by looking into the other deaths on the same bridge where he died. The daughter is having none of it and accuses her mom of being in denial and generally paranoid.

There seems to be some truth to that as she certainly isn’t paying much attention to what her daughter is up to. Her daughter is a rather famous influencer who has just been through a scandal of her own.

However, once she arrives in this new town, she’s quick to get herself invited to a secret party. The kind where everyone wears masks as they crave anonymity. Well, supposedly. It could also be that some shady business is going on there and everyone wants plausible deniability.

Maybe even both?!

Some clunky dialogue along the way

While the clunky dialogue and not-quite-believable references might get a bit annoying for some viewers, as it was for me, it’s not the worst part. Instead, it’s the many red herrings along the way.

Admittedly, they do become more and more obvious, but in case you missed anything, you’re in luck. Deadly Invitations is the kind of Tubi thriller where we get a lot of flashbacks once the true villain is revealed. You know just to make sure we haven’t forgotten a scene we watched within the past 75 minutes or so.

In any case, the cast of this Tubi movie does have a few familiar faces. From Natalie Brown (The Strain, Dawn of the Dead, Twisted Neighbor) to Marnie Mahannah (Prey for the Bride) and even Lola Flanery (The 100, Mary Kills People). They do what they can, but this is far from the best I’ve seen from any of them.

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The director of the new Tubi thriller is Monika Mitchell (Deadly Midwife, Vikings: Valhalla) and the screenplay comes from Miriam Lyapin (Festival of the Living Dead) and Helen Marsh (Deadly Midwife). If there’s one good thing, I can say very definitively about Deadly Invitations, it’s that you can feel that it was made by women.

Whenever any of the women are about to make a stupid choice (or actually go through with it), there’s something in the storyline that makes it obvious that everyone knows this is silly. It matters because we need to understand why anyone would get into a car with a man they don’t know.

Overall, this is the kind of movie you watch and forget almost as soon as the credits start rolling. The red herrings and twists might work, but not in any amazing way. Still, I can’t claim that it’s bad. It just isn’t really good either.

Deadly Invitations is on Tubi from May 9, 2024.


Director: Monika Mitchell
Writers: Miriam Lyapin, Helen Marsh
Stars: Lola Flanery, Natalie Brown, Marnie Mahannah


An influencer comes across a VIP party invite not meant for her and dives headfirst into the side of the industry where secrets are worth killing for.

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