YOU CAN’T RUN FOREVER is a new serial killer thriller starring J.K. Simmons as the perfect villain. Be sure to check it out if you enjoy a more realistic approach. Read our full You Can’t Run Forever movie review here!

YOU CAN’T RUN FOREVER is a survival thriller with a serial killer portrayed by J.K. Simmons. I love him as the villain of this story. Especially because he portrays this killer as someone who doesn’t need a reason to kill.

He can kill, and he wants to kill, so he kills. It’s as simple and scary as that. I would definitely recommend checking out this movie if you enjoy a more realistic approach to a survival story. And a serial killer. There’s no need for the huge backstory when someone gets unhinged.

Continue reading our You Can’t Run Forever movie review below. Find it In Theaters and On Digital from May 17, 2024.

From the ashes into the fire

When You Can’t Run Forever opens, it’s with a happy family expecting a new son. Husband and wife each have a daughter from their previous marriage, and her daughter Miranda is struggling. She’s suffering from acute anxiety which is the direct result of a past tragedy – you’ll know from what later.

However, things are about to get a lot worse as a new terror enters Miranda’s life.

It comes in the form of a serial killer who chooses Miranda as his new target. Not his only target, though, as he will gladly kill anyone in his way. Actually, he appears to kill every person who engages with him in any way except a friendly and light tone before moving on.

You Can't Run Forever (2024) – Review | Serial Killer Thriller

J.K. Simmons is perfect as a stone-cold killer

This serial killer seems absolutely unstoppable because he has nothing in his life except for killing people. Again, we do see what happened in his life to bring him to this point. Obviously, it doesn’t excuse his actions, but it is an explanation as to why now.

In any case, the killer going after Miranda leads to a brutal hunt through the woods. Miranda now needs to find a way to get away from this man chasing her, while still battling her own inner demons and intense anxiety attacks.

Academy Award® winner J.K. Simmons is brilliant as the murderous tracker who becomes a bonafide serial killer within the first half of the movie. And shows no signs of stopping. J.K. Simmons has that charming grin and smug look that he can turn into a death stare in a split second.

As awful as this sounds, it’s perfect for this role just like J.K. Simmons is perfect as this character.

Miranda is portrayed by Isabelle Anaya, who comes across as both vulnerable and very powerful. Her stepfather is portrayed by Allen Leech who recently did a great job at portraying a psychotic serial killer himself in Cold Meat (2023).

Watch You Can’t Run Forever in theaters or on digital

Michelle Schumacher is the director and also co-wrote the screenplay with Carolyn Carpenter. Previously Michelle Schumacher has done two short films and two feature films. Prior to You Can’t Run Forever, she directed I’m Not Here (2017).

She’s also an accomplished actor and worked in both movies and on TV series. Including the brilliant long-running series Oz which was where J.K. Simmons had his career breakthrough. The two have been married since 1996, which explains why they work together so often.

Overall, everyone in this cast delivers solid performances that make for a believable story. Fernanda Urrejola (The Black Demon), Graham Patrick Martin, Andres Velez, Kevin Quinn, and Olivia Simmons are also in the core cast. Again, if you enjoy a good survival movie (and who doesn’t?), check it out!

You Can’t Run Forever is out In Theaters, On Digital & Demand from May 17, 2024.


Director: Michelle Schumacher
Writers: Carolyn Carpenter, Michelle Schumacher
Cast: J.K. Simmons, Fernanda Urrejola, Allen Leech, Isabelle Anaya, Graham Patrick Martin, Olivia Simmons


Miranda, a young woman already suffering from acute anxiety due to a past tragedy, faces a new terror when a serial killer chooses her as his new target. In a harrowing hunt through the woods, Miranda finds strength she never knew she had as she tries to elude her murderous tracker.

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