The best horror movies on Tubi – find them right here! We’ve reviewed Tubi horror movies since 2023, and there are a lot of bad apples in that basket. But, luckily there are also good ones. Find the best Tubi horror movies on our list below.

Want to find the best horror movies on Tubi? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Tubi is releasing many new titles all the time. Or rather, sometimes the movies are new and produced by Tubi, other additions are horror movies that have been produced elsewhere.

Tubi has then ensured distribution rights and possibly even to the degree of labeling it “A Tubi Original”. Also, there are a lot of old (and good) horror movies on Tubi, but we’ve chosen not to focus on those.

For this list of the Best Horror Movies, we’re focusing solely on the original Tubi horror movies.

This should also make it an evergreen list as Tubi should never lose the rights to these movies again. We’ll update this page along the way, so whenever a new great Tubi horror movie or thriller is released, you’ll be the first to know.

So, make sure to bookmark this page to be updated on the best horror movies you can find on Tubi.

Here’s your guide to the Best Tubi Horror Movies

Our list of the best horror movies on Tubi

Lowlifes (2024)

The survival instincts of a road-tripping family are put to the test when they have no other choice but to stay the night at a remote homestead.

LOWLIFES puts a spin on the classic city folk versus hillbilly horror plot. Whatever you expect from the movie, be ready to get a few surprises along the way. Not only is the cast full of familiar genre actors, but they also work remarkably well in their respective roles. Also, the twists and turns along the way are just pure treats for us as viewers.

Slay (2024)

After a booking mistake, four drag queens find themselves performing for a mostly unwelcoming crowd, but when vampires attack, the crowd looks to the queens to save the day.

SLAY is an LGBTQ+ horror comedy with drag queens and vampires. It’s even better than I ever dared hope. The way I think it’s best described is by saying this is The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994) meets From Dusk Till Dawn (1996).

Killer Body Count (2024)

Mistaken as a sex addict by her dad, Cami is sent off to a remote religious treatment center where the other kids are being hunted by a killer.

KILLER BODY COUNT is a bonafide slasher. We’re talking old-school practical effects, and young people being targeted simply for their very natural hormone-induced physical desires. If you, like me, love your slasher with a side of horror-comedy and dark social satire and commentary, then Killer Body Count should be perfect for you. 

Invasive (2024)

A young woman secretly residing in a billionaire’s lavish mansion stumbles upon dark secrets, sparking a desperate fight for survival.

INVASIVE is a horror-thriller by the writer-director of SLAY. You should not expect the same kind of movie as the previous one was a horror-comedy. I would’ve liked to see it be just ten minutes shorter with a bit tighter pace in the final half. Then it would’ve been a 4 out of 5, which obviously also means that you should watch Invasive!

The Camp Host (2024)

When a young couple and their dog lodge at an idyllic campground, things turn terrifying when the owner reveals herself as a psychopathic killer.

THE CAMP HOST is a slasher movie that takes place at a campsite, but the main characters are adults instead of teenagers. If you want to watch a slasher movie that actually has a story with some depth, then check out The Camp Host.

The Last Exit (2023)

During a vicious storm, two criminal brothers seek refuge in a desolate farmhouse where the resident family has their own secrets.

THE LAST EXIT is also known under the title LITTLE BONE LODGE. It’s a horror-thriller with elements from several other genre movies, we love. I would give this 3½ if we gave half ratings here at Heaven of Horror.

Guess Who (2024)

A family visit turns deadly when a psychotic killer, hiding behind an unusual tradition, shows up with one target in mind.

GUESS WHO is a classic horror movie that may be a little predictable at times, but it’s still very entertaining. It is a straight-up slasher with a few twists and a solid horror movie ending.

Our list of the Best Thrillers on Tubi

Looking for the Best Thrillers on Tubi? we’ve got you covered there as well. Since we also cover thrillers here on Heaven of Horror, we’d like to tell you about some great thrillers on Tubi.

There are a few really good thriller movies on Tubi, so you just might be in for a surprise treat on the free streaming platform.

Accused (2023)

After internet sleuths falsely accuse Harri of being a wanted terrorist, he must fight for survival against a deadly home invasion.

ACCUSED is a brutally realistic thriller. A man is incorrectly named as a perpetrator on the internet, and a very real witch-hunt happens in the real world.

Paradise (2024)

After internet sleuths falsely accuse Harri of being a wanted terrorist, he must fight for survival against a deadly home invasion.

PARADISE is a genre-bending Western Revenge Thriller. It’s a smart, funny, brutal, realistic, yet also extremely colorful (in every way) movie with interesting characters and a story that has heart and guts. I ended up enjoying this one much more than I ever expected.

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