TWISTED NEIGHBOR on TUBI is a new thriller with a camp and kitsch DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES setting. You don’t want to go against the neighborhood rules here. If you do, the ultimate price will be paid. Read our full Twisted Neighbor movie review here!

TWISTED NEIGHBOR is a new TUBI movie with a fun edge and a kitsch vibe. It’s a thriller with a serial killer, which is a good starting point when the vibe is camp and kitsch. It’s a low-budget production from MarVista, but this one doesn’t take itself seriously, which results in a very entertaining watch.

This is one of the better TUBI movies if you’re in the mood for something fun and breezy. Humor is used in the best ways with this one, and it makes it work so much better than it should.

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Welcome to the neighborhood

The setting in Twisted Neighbor is pure Desperate Housewives and this is where the kitsch begins. From the opening scene, we get to see Sunny Vista from a very dark side. If you ignore the rules of this neighborhood, you’ll be reminded of this.

If being reminded isn’t enough, you’ll be eliminated from Sunny Vista.

The next scene shows Sunny Vista from the most gossipy side. A new woman moves in, and everyone is commenting on her in their group chat from the moment she arrives.

Twisted Neighbor (2023) TUBI Review

A serial killer mystery

It doesn’t take long for her to catch onto the vibe; You follow the rules or get punished. In fact, there’s a serial killer slasher type going around punishing those who don’t follow the rules.

Rules are as simple as keeping the grass in your lawn at a certain length. Or just having a tidy house. Basically, be a good neighbor by keeping the Sunny Vista neighborhood looking sharp.

For me, Desperate Housewives may be the obvious setting reference. However, the 1994 John Waters’ horror-comedy Serial Mom, starring Kathleen Turner in the title role, is a good plot reference.

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Stefan Brogren is the director of the new TUBI thriller. He previously directed several episodes of the rebooted series Degrassi: Next Class. Also, Stefan Brogren directed the TUBI thriller Obsessed with Death which had Holland Roden (Mother, may I?) in one of the lead roles, and Colton Royce who is also in Twisted Neighbor.

The screenplay comes from screenwriter Huelah Lander. His previous movies include wonderful titles (I mean the actual movie titles) like Evil Stepmom and Birthmother’s Betrayal. Also, a little closer to this latest one is Trouble in Surburbia. I haven’t watched any of them, but I do like the titles.

If you’re used to these mystery thrillers, you’ll guess who’s leading the punishments from a very early scene. I know I did… and I didn’t even mind.

Twisted Neighbor premiered on TUBI on August 24, 2023.


Director: Stefan Brogren
Writer: Huelah Lander
Stars: Kathryn Kohut, Zach Smadu, Natalie Brown, Josette Jorge, Oren Williamson, Myles Erlick, Fiona Highet


A woman moves to a new neighborhood for a fresh start but realizes her nosy neighbors might not have the best intentions.

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