PREY FOR THE BRIDE on Tubi is a new horror movie with a revenge plot that plays out during a bachelorette weekend. And yes, we are talking about slasher-style revenge featuring a killer in a mask. Read our full Prey for the Bride movie review here!

PREY FOR THE BRIDE is a new Tubi horror movie. It’s a slasher movie with a revenge plot, which means it has two things going for it in terms of creating solid horror scenes. It also manages to take advantage of this even though the murders aren’t the most creative scenes.

The slasher revenge happens during a bachelorette party that is planned to take place at a gorgeous house in a secluded area of Napa. They are surrounded by mountains and trees. More a perfect set-up for the killer than anything else, but with a limo-driver as part of the plan for the bachelorette party, it makes sense to stay there.

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Drinks, games, and murder

In Prey for the Bride, we meet a group of bridesmaids as they travel to Napa for a bachelorette party. They’re staying for the weekend, and it’s all very nice as one of the bridesmaids comes from a wealthy family. It’s her parent’s house, so they can have fun and make noise, while food and drinks come from the hired help.

They just have to enjoy themselves with drinks and the classic bachelorette-themed games. Until that is, murders start happening. Of course, we see a few murders before they even discover that something is wrong. But isn’t that often the case with slasher movies?!

In any case, they do realize that they are in very real and great danger. A man wearing a wolf mask makes it obvious that he is killing to avenge the death of someone else. Someone we hear about throughout the movie before it is all revealed.

Prey for the Bride (2024) – Review | Tubi Horror

The ending of Prey for the Bride

I was shocked. Shocked, I tell you! Okay, I wasn’t even close to being shocked when the big reveal (or plot twist, if you will) finally happened in Prey for the Bride. As the story progressed and evolved, it seemed like the only logical conclusion.

Or maybe not “logical” in terms of what you and I would consider logic, but rather for a movie of this kind.

The Prey for the Bride ending isn’t good at all. In fact, it becomes trope upon trope built on a stereotype. It also comes as absolutely no surprise that the movie was written and directed by men. Having a few women onboard for a movie about women and a female friendship group could’ve been a good idea.

Still, this is essentially a slasher mystery with the killer wearing a red hoodie and a wolf mask, so the storyline isn’t at the forefront at any time. I did like the whole Red Riding Hood combined with the wolf look, but it’s hardly enough to make me enjoy the ending.

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Danny J. Boyle is the director of Prey for the Devil and the “J.” is very important as we know Danny Boyle from iconic movies such as 28 Days Later and Trainspotting. Danny J. Boyle has a lot of movies with fun horror titles on his resume. Whether the movies are good, I can’t say, but the titles certainly give away the plot.

There’s Killer Assistant (2016) and Killer in Law (2018) as well as Cheerleader Nightmare (2018) and Nightmare School Moms (2023) to name just a few. You get the idea, I’m sure. Also, the 2018 movie #SquadGoals is on Netflix under the title Deadly Scholars.

In any case, this new Tubi Original has a screenplay written by Bryan Dick. His two previous movies were the abovementioned Nightmare School Mom and Spring Break Nightmare (2023). Again, it’s obvious that there’s a formula to the titles and, I suspect, probably to the actual plots and movies as well.

If you’re simply in the mood for a mind-numbing slasher movie with a fun enough plot, then check it out on Tubi. Especially if you also like revenge-themed plots. Though, admittedly, this is the weaker part of the movie.

Prey for the Bride is on Tubi from February 16, 2o24.


Director: Danny J. Boyle
Writer: Bryan Dick
Stars: Megan Peta Hill, Getenesh Berhe, Lina Lecompte, Jacky Lai, Brad Harder, Spencer Borgeson, Marnie Mahannah


A group of friends at a bachelorette party are stalked, tortured and murdered by a masked figure, who forces them to face a long-buried secret.

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