DEADLY MIDWIFE on TUBI is a new thriller where the title gives away much of the main plot – or teases it. In a good way, I might add, because this is a deliciously dark and kitsch thriller. Very high production quality and a small solid cast. Read our full Deadly Midwife movie review here!

DEADLY MIDWIFE is a new TUBI thriller, and with a good story and a 90-minute runtime, this one is well worth your time. Admittedly, there can be a lot of misses among the TUBI releases – though there’s always someone who will enjoy each release – but this one is a hit.

The titles of most TUBI movies tend to be a teaser for the plot, and this one is no different. However, what really works for this one is an impressive production quality and strong performances from the cast. The actors in this thriller mystery clearly understand exactly what’s needed for this to be entertaining and engaging.

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A very efficient plot

If you’re pregnant, you might want to skip this one. I wouldn’t recommend anyone pregnant to watch the Dead Ringers series or other brutal pregnancy stories either. And while the pregnancy itself isn’t the issue, it is a core element of the plot.

And the plot obviously has a sinister title character: The Deadly Midwife. Of course, most titles on TUBI (especially TUBI Originals) seem to have the word “deadly” or “twisted” somewhere in there, so that isn’t much of a surprise.

Essentially, the plot of this thriller turns into a mystery because who is this midwife and why is she acting the way she does? There are clues along the way but since Lauren, the very pregnant woman, isn’t exactly sure that she can trust her own eyes and sense, we can’t be sure either.

A solid core cast

As Lauren, we have Jessica Lowndes (Abattoir) and she delivers a great performance. Whenever Lauren is faced with someone doing or saying something stupid, she reacts directly and swiftly. She’s no timid little wife. In fact, more than once, Lauren said exactly what I was thinking. I love it when a character calls out something in the plot that you as the viewer find weird.

The title character – I do believe I can say as much without giving away too much of a spoiler as she is the midwife – is Elysia Rotaru (Arrow, Kate). Her character’s name is Olivia, and don’t worry, this is the kind of movie where all will be revealed. You’ll find out how everything led to the whole midwife situation.

Also, as the husband, there’s Matthew MacCaull (iZombie). In this movie, he manages to constantly balance between being a good guy and seeming so very shady. He just has this way of changing his face in a split second. Each time to find yourself wondering whether he’s good or bad.

Deadly Midwife (2023) – Review | TUBI Thriller

One of the better TUBI releases

While we’ve been reviewing more of the new releases on TUBI, few have truly been worth watching. Fortunately, this is one of those few movies that is absolutely worth watching. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it isn’t a spoof either.

The closest TUBI comparison would be The Housekeeper as both movies have a very dark and kitsch vibe. And yet, I would say the production quality and overall story is better with this one.

Obviously, you need to go along with the style and vibe of Deadly Midwife, but with that title, you should already know as much. It has a distinct TV movie feel, but the production quality is gorgeous (the lighting is simply stunning). Everyone involved with the production – both in front of and behind the camera – seems very aware of what kind of project this is.

It’s both a dark and brutal story that feels like something out of a true crime documentary and it takes some kitsch turns along the way. Over-the-top in all the right ways!

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The director of Deadly Midwife is Monika Mitchell (Brazen) and the screenplay comes from Helen Marsh and Carolyn Woolner.

While there are quite a few male directors and screenwriters who are good at writing female characters, I can’t help but think that so much of what I enjoyed in Deadly Midwife is thanks to these three women. In this TUBI Original, the women fight back – both physically and verbally – and I loved that.

The women don’t take BS from anyone and speak up and out. Demanding space, when they need time to think or want to be left alone. Also, the female villain works as well. And yes, there are good men in the movie as well. This is a TV movie with some tropes and stereotypes, but also a good balance of equality.

If you want a deliciously dark thriller mystery with kitsch and relatable characters, then you’ll want to check out this TUBI original. Perfect for Friday night fun – again, except maybe if you’re pregnant. It does touch on quite a few nightmare situations in that regard!

Deadly Midwife is on TUBI from September 5, 2023.


Director: Monika Mitchell
Writers: Helen Marsh, Carolyn Woolner
Stars: Jessica Lowndes, Elysia Rotaru, Matthew MacCaull, Lauren K. Robek, Gabrielle Jacinto, John Cassini, Gregory S. Csiszar


Lauren and Anthony hire a new midwife after their last one mysteriously disappears, but things may not be as they appear.

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