ARCADIAN is a post-apocalyptic monster movie starring Nicolas Cage. It features an intriguing story, wonderful characters and world-building along with terrifying monsters. Read our full Arcadian movie review here!

ARCADIAN is a new monster horror movie that begins just as the world seems to be ending. Then there’s a 15-year time jump and the world is very different. Well, sort of like in The Walking Dead where only a few people remain and you only trust those in your own community.

Nicolas Cage stars alongside Jaeden Martell and Maxwell Jenkins, who all deliver really strong portrayals. To me, however, the monsters were what stuck with me. Good lord, they are terrifying in ways I cannot begin to describe! The runtime is just 92 minutes long which was perfect.

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A different take on monsters

Life on Earth is nothing like today. Even though Arcadian takes place in the near future, it’s a post-apocalyptic near future. Only very few people remain and there is no way of communicating apart from traveling the nearby areas and finding people.

This is of course also dangerous. Both because people fear each other – which we’ve learned from all post-apocalyptic stories that one should – and due to the monsters. Fortunately, the monsters do not care for daylight, so they only come out at night. 

Think I Am Legend where you can move around during the day, but lock up everything and listen to the monsters trying to get in all through the night. It is terrifying before we’ve even seen the monsters. And, for once, it only gets even worse the more we see these monsters.

To describe them is virtually impossible because they look like hybrids of various animals.yes, including human beings. Also, they have this tendency to snap their jaws in the craziest way before attacking. I found this to be extremely efficient in a desperately terrifying way!

Arcadian (2024) – Review | Post-apocalyptic Monster Movie

Trying to rebuild the world

Without knowing how many people are left, Paul (Nicolas Cage) and his two sons Thomas (Maxwell Jenkins) and Joseph (Jaeden Martell), are trying to build a life. And also, they are looking towards somehow rebuilding the world. In some way.

Their current way of life where daytime is calm and nighttime is torment, will be challenged once Thomas doesn’t make it home before sundown. He’s been going to the neighboring farm, where he has made friends with the group of people living there. And has a crush on the girl his own age.

When Thomas doesn’t return, Paul heads out to find and save his son. While this is scary and crazy, it isn’t an impossible task. Or it shouldn’t be, but the monsters are about to start using new tricks.

Nicolas Cage (Renfield) is very laidback and not at all wacky as the father Paul. I actually like Nicolas Cage in all his many variations, but seeing him be very “normal” was a nice change.

Jaeden Martell (Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, IT) is wonderful as Joseph, the genius and engineer of the family. Maxwell Jenkins (Lost In Space) is equally great as Thomas. A young man who is just looking for some sort of future. Even if he does somewhat let down his family in his pursuit of love.

Sadie Soverall (Saltburn, The Last Exit) is the proverbial girl next door. She does her best to be there for her family, while also wanting a future with Thomas. Yet another strong portrayal!

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Arcadian is directed by Benjamin Brewer (The Trust) and the screenplay comes from Michael Nilon (producer on Willy’s Wonderland). I was absolutely crazy about the style of this post-apocalyptic monster movie. I don’t know what I expected, but definitely not anything this good.

Sure, the main characters are portrayed by good actors. All of whom I tend to like in whatever they make. Okay, there might be an exception or two from Nicolas Cage!

However, upon discovering that Ben Brewer was the lead visual effects artist for Everything Everywhere All at Once, I feel like I could and should have expected more. Please, do not miss out on this movie. The story and actors are great, but the world-building and monsters blew my mind.

Arcadian is out in movie theaters from April 12, 2024. But it will also be out on VOD and digital platforms on May 1, 2024.


Director: Benjamin Brewer
Writer: Mike Nilon
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Jaeden Martell, Maxwell Jenkins, Sadie Soverall


In a near future, life on Earth has been decimated. Paul (Nicolas Cage) and his twin teenage sons, Thomas (Jaeden Martell) and Joseph (Maxwell Jenkins), have been living a half-life — tranquility by day and torment by night. When the sun sets, ferocious creatures of the night awaken and consume all living souls in their path. One day, when Thomas doesn’t return home before sundown, Paul chooses to leave the safety of their fortified farm to find him before the creatures arrive. Just as he finds his boy, a nightmarish battle ensues and Paul is gravely wounded. Now the twins must devise a desperate plan for surviving the coming night and use everything their father has taught them to keep him alive.

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