A FALL FROM GRACE is a new Netflix thriller by Tyler Perry who wrote and directed the movie. This one is well worth watching if you like a thriller. However, it also feels very much like a TV movie. Read more in our full A Fall from Grace review here and watch it on Netflix now!

A Fall from Grace is a new Netflix thriller that you should check out if you like the classic kind of story. It’s by filmmaker Tyler Perry, and while the overall story and acting really do work, it’s simply too long.

However, the cast alone is enough reason to check out this new Netflix thriller.

Continue reading our review of this new Netflix thriller in our A Fall from Grace review below.

The star of A Fall from Grace

In the title role, we have Crystal Fox as Grace. You should recognize Crystal Fox from something since she has been working as an actor for decades – and she still looks amazing. Crystal Fox began her career with a role in Driving Miss Daisy (1989) and was on In the Heat of the Night TV series from 1989 to 1995. Also, she was in the 2019 season of Big Little Lies on HBO.

As Grace, Crystal Fox is the heart and soul of A Fall from Grace and her performance is key to the overall impression. Fortunately, she does an amazing job – even if the story is very much a TV movie kind of thriller.

Also, we have Mehcad Brooks in a starring role. Now, if you haven’t watched the trailer for this movie, I might spoil something for you here, because he does not play a good guy. Sure, he’s charming and wonderful at first, but the entire plot revolves around him not being a good guy.

I know Mehcad Brooks from True Blood and Supergirl, so to me, he’s just always an all-round good guy. Well, let’s just say he’s very good at playing the bad guy as well. It’s cool to see him stretch his acting legs with a different role. Oh yeah, Mehcad Brooks is good in this movie. I mean, really good.  

Awesome supporting cast

In a key supporting role, we have Phylicia Rashad who will always be Clair Huxtable to me. I know, I know, she has done so much since then, but the voice alone brings me right back to my childhood. I’ve always loved Phylicia Rashad, and she definitely delivers a good performance in A Fall from Grace as well.

Finally, I have to mention Cicely Tyson because, well, she’s Cicely Tyson and she always brings something extra to whatever she does. She’s brilliant as the mother of Viola Davis’ character on How to Get Away with Murder. In this Netflix thriller, she plays a very small role, who is very important to the story.

A Fall from Grace (2020) Netflix Review

From laughter to fear

As mentioned above, Tyler Perry both directed and wrote A Fall from Grace. Even though Tyler Perry has written darker movies (and TV series) in the past, he is mostly known for doing comedy. Especially his Madea franchise.

To many, this new Netflix thriller will clearly show Tyler Perry as another successful black comedy producer moving on to genre productions. Jordan Peele did it with Get Out and even managed to repeat this with Us. And Chris Rock is behind the story for the upcoming Saw movie coming out in May 2020.

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Jordan Peele has already stated that he feels comedy and horror have a lot in common, which I whole-heartedly agree with. It’s exactly why I love horror-comedy productions so much. First and foremost, it’s about the build-up and timing of executing crucial moments. When done right, you will get the laugh or fear response you desire as a filmmaker.

Now, let’s be clear on the fact that A Fall from Grace is not a horror movie. Of course, one could argue that is has elements of psychological horror as much as a many horror movies. However, this one is labeled a thriller which works just fine for me. It certainly is dark and brings out some of the more brutal sides of human nature.

What I’m trying to say is simply this; Welcome to the dark side, Mr. Perry. Happy to have you onboard… now, go forth and make some tighter stories that can really surprise and impress!

The ending of A Fall from Grace on Netflix

A big part of the A Fall from Grace ending is a court room drama. It’s most of the third act but not all it. The actual ending of A Fall from Grace is full of twists and turn, which includes moments of pure horror! Oh yeah, I loved those bits… even though most could be guessed by the time those plot twists came along.

As both writer, director and producer, Tyler Perry has all the control of this production. Especially when we all know that Netflix is famous for letting filmmakers retain most control. And yes, there are definitely things that could be improved upon to make this a stellar thriller. 

This movie is simply too long and too slow at first. You have to wait a good half hour before the story really begins. After that it does take hold pretty quickly, but then the ending feels stereotypical with the twists.

However, this thriller does work perfectly as solid entertainment for the masses, which is what Netflix can offer. So yeah, check it out but don’t expect too much – except some impressive acting and cool characters!

A Fall from Grace is out on Netflix worldwide from January 17, 2020.


Director: Tyler Perry
Writer: Tyler Perry
Stars: Crystal Fox, Mehcad Brooks, Bresha Webb, Phylicia Rashad, Cicely Tyson, Adrian Pasdar, Tyler Perry


When gentle, law-abiding Grace confesses to killing her new husband, her skeptical young lawyer sets out to uncover the truth. A film by Tyler Perry.

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