Lost in Space is a Netflix remake of the classic Sci-Fi show. Visually, it’s absolutely stunning, but a few characters are simply too annoying! Still, it is thrilling and fun to watch.

The new Lost in Space remake on Netflix still features The Robinsons as lead characters. This time around, John and Maureen are heading for divorce and Judy is a biracial girl from before John entered the picture. However, the family dynamic is real and beautiful. It has simply been updated and more recognizable. Not “just” in the name of diversity (though there’s nothing wrong with that), but rather to reflect the real world.

Interestingly, Judy is very much like her (non-biological) dad. Also, everyone recognizes that all five are family. None more so than others regardless of how much DNA they share. Finally, we have Penny and Will, who are the youngest of The Robinsons. Penny is a teenager, who is both brazen and smart. Will is still the kid and all heart.

Lost in Space is the kind of story that has to win you over with its characters. Otherwise the space adventure isn’t really interesting to watch. Initially, you can’t help but like all five of the family members, so Netflix hits the mark perfectly.

Of course, we also have Neil Marshall directing the two first episodes. And it is with the first two episodes, we get to meet all the main characters. And yes, there are quite a few more than the five family members.

You can watch the trailer for Lost in Space (2018) Season 1 right here or continue reading our review below.

“Danger, Will Robinson!”

Of course, there is the robot with its iconic “Danger, Will Robinson!” line, which is the only line it has. Basically, it’s like Groot of Guardians of the Galaxy. This time around, the robot is a lot more advanced and also very dangerous. In fact, when Will is first faced with the robot, the iconic Terminator dundundun-dundun plays. It is absolutely perfect and I was overjoyed.

Basically, the robot worked for me all the way through season 1 of Lost in Space. I’d even say that Will worked as well, because he does what you would expect of him. The same goes for John (Toby Stephens) and Maureen (Molly Parker), who are both perfectly cast.

During the first half of the season, I also really liked Judy (Taylor Russell) and Penny (Mina Sundwall). I loved the way Penny just took action as well as the way Judy tried to rationalize her way to any solution. They made for a perfect dynamic duo.

Unfortunately, something goes wrong during episode 6. Suddenly the brazen Penny is wearing a miniskirt and a pink shirt, because she has the hots for a boy. It is not only completely out of character for Penny, it is insulting to the audience. Suddenly you feel like you’re watching a completely different show.

Something similar happens with Judy except she has more of a “Mother Theresa” complex. And when you’re fighting for survival, you need to sometimes accept a loss.

Lost in Space [2018] Season 1 on Netflix

Thank you, Parker Posey

The one character, who never faulters or acts out of character, is the one played by Parker Posey. She is the villain of the show, but not a classic cruel villain. In fact, she doesn’t actively want to hurt anyone. She simply wants to keep herself safe.

She is smart and knows how to manipulate people. We know she’s “the bad guy” from the very first time we see her, but at least she’s (pretty much) honest about it.

I mean, when someone shows you who they are, you should believe them. The only one who seems to really get this, is Maureen Robinson, but even she is fooled at first.

I have always adored Parker Posey and you just know she will bring something special to any character she plays. Lost in Space is no exception and I loved every scene she was in. Usually, you can only blame other characters for enabling her to do bad. Oh, who am I kidding, I was sorta rooting for her… even when I wanted to slap her!

Lost in Space [2018] Season 1 on Netflix

Season 2 of Lost in Space on Netflix?

The big question for any show on Netflix is: Will we get more seasons? For Lost in Space, I really hope so, but I would also expect them to fix the mistakes of season 1.

Look, I get it, it’s supposed to keep you on the edge of your seat, but it got to be too much. It was a regular Murphy’s Law type deal. Just when they were about to fix something, a new problem would arise. And everything is always life or death and at the very last second. It gets to be just a tad tiring.

Imagine that you really have to pee? I know, I know, but stay with me. If you were on Lost in Space then you would get explosive diarrhea upon finding a bathroom. Then there would be no toilet paper. And the walls around the toilet would collaps. Also, your crush would be locking eyes with you just as you empty your bowels. Plus, there might be a volcano underneath the toilet.

You get the gist. One or two of the above would be plenty to create thrills and drama, but all of them? It’s too much and just gets annoying. However, season 1 of Lost in Space was definitely entertaining and delivered some great moments.

All 10 episodes of Lost in Space season 1 will premiere on Netflix globally April 13, 2018.


Creators: Irwin Allen, Matt Sazama, Burk Sharpless
Stars: Mina Sundwall, Molly Parker, Toby Stephens, Parker Posey, Maxwell Jenkins, Taylor Russell, Ignacio Serricchio, Raza Jaffrey, Ajay Friese, Sibongile Mlambo


After crash-landing on an alien planet, the Robinson family fight against all odds to survive and escape, but they’re surrounded by hidden dangers.

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