THE LAST EXIT on TUBI is a new thriller with definite horror elements. It’s also known as LITTLE BONE LODGE and stars Joely Richardson. She plays a very intriguing and intense character. Read our full The Last Exit movie review here!

THE LAST EXIT is a new TUBI addition that has also been playing at film festivals under the title LITTLE BONE LODGE. It’s a horror-thriller with elements from several other horror-thriller movies, we love. The cast is very small as the movie plays out in a rural and remote location during a storm.

No one is quite who they present themselves to be. This becomes increasingly apparent as the story progresses and evolves. It’s a surprisingly strong thriller that fans of brutal horror movies will also enjoy. Be sure to check it out!

Continue reading our The Last Exit (aka Little Bone Lodge) movie review below. On TUBI from November 16, 2023.

A farmhouse full of secrets

Despite having a runtime of just 1 hour and 33 minutes, The Last Exit has a lot of twists and turns along the way. They tend to be teased or foreshadowed ahead of time, so you’ll undoubtedly guess a few plot twists (or plot developments) ahead of time.

We begin with a birthday party in a remote farmhouse. A Mama and her daughter, Maisy, are celebrating Pa’s birthday. Pa is a wheelchair-bound man who seems to be catatonic. However, something about the constant mention of medicine also lets us know that he’s probably heavily sedated.

His birthday present is a set of knives with bone handles. Obviously, this will come back later in the story, when it gets very brutal. It’s also a nod to the original title of Little Bone Lodge, while on TUBI it’s released under the title The Last Exit.

Both titles are equally representative of the story, though obviously, Little Bone Lodge does sound more like a horror movie. Well, it does to me, anyway.

The Last Exit (2023) – Review | TUBI Horror-Thriller

The horrors revealed

As already mentioned, there are quite a few horror elements in The Last Exit and it does get extremely brutal. In the movie, the small family in the remote townhouse is joined by two brothers. They’re in desperate need of help after having crashed their car and gotten seriously injured in the middle of a storm.

They have no idea what house they’ve just arrived at. Then again, the family has no clue about the issues these two brothers bring to the table either.

Joely Richardson plays the all-important character of Mama. She’s running the farmhouse and doesn’t take orders or sass from anyone. Mama knows how she wants things to be, and she will stop at nothing to ensure that they remain that way.

There’s a vibe of both RunDaughter, and even the Netflix series Dear Child.

It’s all in the way the daughter, Maisy, is kept isolated from the rest of her world. It’s for her safety, according to Mama, but we’ve watched enough horror movies and thrillers to know Mama is hiding something.

Exactly what that something is will have a huge impact on everyone else in the movie.

Along with Joely Richardson, I have to highlight the performance of Harry Cadby. To be fair, everyone delivers strong performances, but Harry Cadby (Netflix’s Everything Now) has the most to work with. Very much like Joely Richardson.

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Matthias Hoene is the director of The Last Exit (aka Little Bone Lodge) and he has crafted a very strong horror thriller with this one. Matthias Hoene previously directed and co-wrote the 2012 horror-comedy Cockneys vs. Zombies. Check out the trailer to discover it’s exactly as crazy as you’d expect from the title.

The screenplay comes from Neil Linpow, who also co-stars in the movie as the older brother Jack. While he has a very important role in the movie – and delivers a powerful portrayal – I am more impressed with this story. It’s a real treat for genre fans. I really hope he will continue to write as well as act.

Matthias Hoene and Neil Linpow also made the 2022 short film Little Debts with the same constellation, so it was clearly a success. I would give this 3½ if we gave half ratings here at Heaven of Horror. In other words, it’s a definite recommendation and you should expect to discover many intriguing tidbits of horror throughout.

The Last Exit (alternative title: Little Bone Lodge) premiered on Tubi on November 16, 2023.


Director: Matthias Hoene
Writer: Neil Linpow
Stars: Joely Richardson, Neil Linpow, Sadie Soverall, Euan Bennet


During a vicious storm, two criminal brothers seek refuge in a desolate farmhouse where the resident family has their own secrets.

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