Want to know which Horror movies are coming to Netflix in August 2022? Here’s a list of all the horror, thriller, true crime, and sci-fi movies and series coming to Netflix.

August 2022 features new horror movies, thrillers, true crime, and sci-fi titles coming to Netflix in the US.

The list of horror, thriller, true crime, sci-fi movies, and series coming to Netflix in August 2022 will be edited regularly with new titles as they’re released. So be sure to bookmark this page!

Dates and titles are subject to change.

Endless Night: Season 1

Available: August 3, 2022

To escape the monotony of suburban life, a reclusive 17-year-old befriends a group of teenagers who use a drug that allows them to dream while awake.

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Good Morning, Verônica: Season 2

Available: August 3, 2022

Presumed to be dead, Verônica works to unravel the mysteries of the religious cult that fuels abuse and corruption within the government.

The Sandman: Season 1

Available: August 5, 2022

After years of imprisonment, Morpheus — the King of Dreams — embarks on a journey across worlds to find what was stolen from him and restore his power.

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I Just Killed My Dad

Available: August 9, 2022

Anthony Templet shot his father and never denied it. But why he did is a complex question with profound implications that go far beyond one family.

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Locke & Key: Season 3

Available: August 10, 2022

In the thrilling final chapter of the series, the Locke family uncovers more magic as they face a demonic new foe who’s dead-set on possessing the keys.

School Tales The Series: Season 1

Available: August 10, 2022

Unspeakable horrors roam the halls of high school in this anthology featuring ghost stories directed by seasoned Thai horror directors.

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Day Shift

Available: August 12, 2022

An LA vampire hunter has a week to come up with the cash to pay for his kid’s tuition and braces. Trying to make a living these days just might kill him.

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A Model Family: Season 1

Available: August 12, 2022

A crime thriller that takes place as Dong-ha, the ordinary head of the household on the verge of bankruptcy and divorce, accidentally discovers the dead man’s money and is desperately intertwined with a criminal organization.

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Echoes – Limited Series

Available: August 19, 2022

Identical twins Leni and Gina have secretly switched places for years. But when one sister disappears, both of their lives start to fall apart.

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The Girl in the Mirror (Alma): Season 1

Available: August 19, 2022

After surviving a bus accident in which almost all her classmates die, Alma wakes up in a hospital with no memory of the incident… or of her past. Her house is full of memories that are not hers, and both amnesia and trauma cause her to experience night terrors and visions that she cannot clarify. With the help of her parents and friends, unknown to her, she will try to uncover the mystery surrounding the accident while struggling to recover her life and her identity.

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Kleo: Season 1

Available: August 19, 2022

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, a woman wants revenge and answers to all her questions. But who is this woman?

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Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee

Available: August 24, 2022

Through raw, revealing footage and interviews with fugitive tech pioneer John McAfee, this documentary uncovers new layers of his wild years on the run.

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Loving Adults (2022)

Available: August 26, 2022

The thin line between love and hate turns deadly when a wife discovers her husband’s affair — and they both take extreme measures to get what they want.

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Under Her Control

Available: August 31, 2022

An ambitious young woman enters into an unusual arrangement with her charismatic boss. By the time doubts creep in, it may be too late to back out.

I Came By

Available: August 31, 2022

A graffiti artist who targets homes of the elite uncovers a twisted secret in a hidden basement — triggering events that put his loved ones in danger.

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