ALLEGORIA on Shudder is a new horror movie that plays out like an anthology of horror short stories. Everything works as a complete movie while having individual plots and characters. Read our full Allegoria movie review here!

ALLEGORIA is a new Shudder horror movie that took a little time to really work for me. Don’t get me wrong, I was intrigued from the very first moments of the movie, but I didn’t fully enjoy it until later on. Once everything became a bit more obvious, I was completely on board.

Essentially, it plays out like an anthology which is something I do tend to enjoy. Whether made as a series of sorts, or a movie as it’s the case here.

Continue reading our Allegoria movie review below. Out on Shudder, SVOD, and VOD from August 1, 2022.

Connect the dots

As with any anthology, there are some stories and characters you enjoy more than others. Overall, however, they each serve their purpose. Again, this is something that becomes even more obvious, the further along you get.

Everything is connected via the greed or desire each character feels in one way or another.

Mostly, this was because the storyline plays out like an anthology with short stories that connect and turn out to be part of one big horror web. The individual stories are chronological but it turns out that the separate stories are told either at the same time or in a reverse timeline of sorts.

Allegoria – Review | Shudder Horror Movie

You’ll see what I mean when you check this out on Shudder. And you absolutely should!

The stars of Allegoria include Krsy Fox (I Live Alone), Adam Busch, Bryce Johnson (Darkness Rising), and Scout Compton. Especially the latter is an actor with quite a horror “final girl” career already. Usually, she goes by Scout Taylor-Compton.

Watch Allegoria on Shudder

This is the directorial debut of Powerman 5000 lead singer Spider One. It’s not the strongest debut, we’ve ever watched here at Heaven of Horror, but it is still quite strong in terms of style and storytelling.

Allegoria serves up moments of pure horror. Especially towards the end, there is a very simple scene where one character is simply watching the other and it is terrifying since one of them is clearly not really themselves anymore.

Allegoria is released by RLJE Flims as a Shudder Exclusive, and horror fans should absolutely make it a point to check it out.

Allegoria is out on Shudder, SVOD, and VOD from August 1, 2022.


Director: Spider One
Cast: Krsy Fox, Adam Busch, Bryce Johnson, Scout Compton


A group of artist’s lives become unwittingly entangled as their obsessions and insecurities manifest monsters, demons and death.

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