LOVING ADULTS on Netflix is a new thriller from Denmark. While it does suffer from several stereotypes and tropes, it does entertain. We’re in the psychological and steamy corner of the genre. Read our full Loving Adults movie review here!

LOVING ADULTS is a new Netflix thriller from Denmark (org. title Kærlighed for voksne). It does play out like many other psychological thrillers, which means you won’t be surprised much. Or maybe you will, to each their own.

For me, this is too full of stereotypes and tropes for me to truly enjoy it. The actors do a fine job, and the visuals and pacing are definitely good. The story, however, did not hit many sweet spots for me. If any, really.

Continue reading our Loving Adults movie review below. The film is out on Netflix on August 26, 2022.

Classic or just stereotypical?

Sometimes the classic and stereotypical plots do seem to overlap quite a bit. Still, I did find Loving Adults to have too many stereotypical moments for its own good. Sure, there are good scenes and important points to be made along the way. That’s more of an exception than the rule for Loving Adults though.

The female lead – played by Sonja Richter – has a key scene early on in the film. In this scene, she speaks of how badly a divorce would hurt her financially. Simply because she focused on their family – including a son battling serious illness – while he focused on his career.

Of course, he also did so for the good of the family. However, in the case of a divorce, he will still benefit from this choice while she will not. Remember, this movie plays out in Denmark, so the effects of a divorce (and the size of alimony) aren’t necessarily comparable to those in other countries.

Other than this key scene, most others tend to seem over-the-top. Or just very predictable for the “steamy psychological thriller” storyline, we’ve come to know over many decades.

In fact, it reminded me of both Fatal Attraction (1987) and Basic Instinct (1992). Especially the latter seems to have even inspired the score. The opening scene (and score) for this new Netflix movie certainly made me think of the iconic Paul Verhoeven film straight away.

Loving Adults (2022) – Review | Netflix Thriller

Have the makings of a Netflix hit

I know, that not every Scandinavian movie can be “Nordic Noir” or exciting new genre hybrids that shock or surprise. Still, as a Dane, I would have enjoyed a really strong thriller instead of this very mainstream one. Hey, I am all for making a big hit and I definitely think this Danish Netflix thriller could be just that.

It just isn’t a very good movie in itself. The story is both too crude and predictable if you’re familiar with this kind of plot.

The two main characters played by Dar Salim and Sonja Richter do what they can. Still, Dar Salim comes across as almost schizophrenic in his portrayal of Christian. A man who seems incapable of making a decision and taking a stand, all while always being very tough and determined.


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And Sonja Richter tends to have scenes that require her to come across as borderline psychotic sending evil eyes here, there, and everywhere. I was just waiting for her to say “I won’t be ignored, Christian!”. And she’s the wife in this film.

And yet, both actors do also have a few scenes where they shine, as we know they can. Those scenes are just too few and too short.

As the femme fatale of Loving Adults, we see Sus Wilkins. It’s a good role for her since she also makes demands and has expectations rather than “just” being a mistress happy with leftovers. Unfortunately, she has too little screen time.

Other key characters are portrayed by Lars Ranthe (Another Round), Morten Burian (Speak No Evil), and Mikael Birkkjær. The latter has a very important role as the police detective actually narrating the whole movie. While Mikael Birkkjær is a really good actor, this “narrator”-angle is terrible for the film!

Watch Loving Adults on Netflix

Danish director Barbara Rothenborg directed Loving Adults. Internationally, she’s nowhere near as famous as Susanne Bier, but she had a huge hit playing the title role in a children’s show when she was very young.

As a director, she has directed several Danish TV series and even several True Blood webisodes just over a decade ago. Hopefully, this Netflix thriller will help her career further, since she does a solid job. The story, however, is where I’m no longer very happy with the movie.

The story is based on a book by Anna Ekbergs and the screenplay was written by Anders Rønnow Klarlund and Jacob Weinreich. However, since “Anna Ekberg” is just one of the pseudonyms used by the male author-duo consisting of Anders Rønnow Klarlund and Jacob Weinreich, it’s based on their own book.


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No, I’m not crazy about Loving Adults, but I don’t believe it was created with me in mind either. If you enjoy the better Lifetime movies or even the psychological erotic thrillers of the late 1980s and 1990s, then this should be perfect for you. Twists and turns, but ultimately no big surprises.

Loving Adults (org. title Kærlighed for voksne) premieres on Netflix on August 26, 2022.


Director: Barbara Rothenborg
Script: Anders Rønnow Klarlund, Jacob Weinreich
Stars: Dar Salim, Sonja Richter, Sus Wilkins, Mikael Birkkjær, Lars Ranthe, Morten Burian, Benjamin Kitter, Natalï Vallespir


The thin line between love and hate turns deadly when a wife discovers her husband’s affair — and they both take extreme measures to get what they want.

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