SCHOOL TALES: THE SERIES on Netflix is a new Thai Horror Anthology. The season has eight 45-minute episodes. Unfortunately, this runtime is too long for most stories. Read our full School Tales: The Series Season 1 review here!

SCHOOL TALES: THE SERIES is a new Netflix horror anthology series from Thailand. The episodes are based on eight horror comic stories that have been adapted into this 8-episode series. All stories feature high school students.

This was also the case for the Taiwanese Netflix horror series Detention (which was better).

From episode 1, it becomes obvious that this anthology series would have been stronger with shorter episodes. In most cases, the runtime is way too long for the story in the episode. Shorter episodes tend to work really well for horror anthologies, so this would probably have improved this series as well.

Continue reading out School Tales: The Series season 1 review below. All eight episodes are on Netflix from August 10, 2022.

Eight very different episodes

Even if you don’t like episode 1, you should give the remaining seven episodes a chance. Based on very different types of stories – and from different directors – the style and vibe do vary quite a lot.

Some episodes use way too much CGI, other episodes rely on quirky sound effects that make them lean towards comedy. Finally, some episodes do neither. An episode like “Beautiful” (episode 3) works much more with shadows and eerie vibes.


Be sure to check out The Pool which works really well – for the most part, anyway >

Okay, and also some CGI, but in that particular case, it’s much better than in other episodes. It does get pretty crude at times which definitely makes it less scary to watch.

School Tales The Series – Review | Netflix Thai Horror

School Tales season 1 episodes

The stories in School Tales: The Series might “scare everyone off the school ground at night”, but for most horror fans, many episodes won’t even make your pulse speed up. Not one bit!

Still, the episodes in season 1 of School Tales do cover several very gruesome topics. From a girl jumping to her death to a haunted library or canteen food made from human flesh. And so much more.

These are the titles (and runtime including credits) of the eight episodes in season 1:

  • “7AM” is episode 1 (48 minutes)
  • “Vengeful Spell” is episode 2 (49 minutes)
  • “Beautiful” is episode 3 (48 minutes)
  • “The Book of Corpses” is episode 4 (46 minutes)
  • “The Headless Teacher” is episode 5 (50 minutes)
  • “Lunch” is episode 6 (49 minutes)
  • “Curse” is episode 7 (45 minutes)
  • “A Walk in School” is episode 8 (49 minutes)

Just from reading the brief descriptions (and seeing a few images or the trailer), you’ll know that there are some things that could land this Thai series in hot water. “The Headless Teacher” episode definitely is not unproblematic. Certainly to people outside Thailand who are not familiar with the actor.

Watch Season 1 of School Tales: The Series on Netflix now!

The episodes in this new Netflix Thai Horror Anthology are directed by James Thanadol Nuansut, Tum Putipong Saisikaew, Songsak Mongkolthong and Mike Phontharis Chotkijsadarsopon. You probably won’t recognize these names, but that’s not really important.

Also, don’t expect to find many familiar faces in this young cast. However, you might recognize Siwat Jumlongkul from the Thai Netflix series The Stranded. Or maybe Kay Lertsittichai who had one of the lead roles in the Netflix thriller Deep (2021).


The rather awful Thai thriller Deep (2021) >

Overall, I can absolutely appreciate all the work that went into creating this Thai horror anthology. It just doesn’t hit the sweet spot with me. Well, except for momentarily during a few episodes, when it’s remarkably good. Unfortunately, it just never lasts very long before it gets tedious or a bit silly again.

If you tend to like school-based horror short stories, then do check out this one and decide for yourself.

School Tales: The Series season 1 is out on Netflix from August 10, 2022.


Unspeakable horrors roam the halls of high school in this anthology featuring ghost stories directed by seasoned Thai horror directors.

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