ENDLESS NIGHT on Netflix is a new Fantasy Thriller series with elements of Horror along the way. It’s a teen series from Belgium, which will not be for everyone. The teen drama, I mean. Read our full Endless Night season 1 review here!

ENDLESS NIGHT is a new Netflix series from Belgium. It’s in French and features one of the stars of SKAM France so you might recognize her. And yes, that does mean that this fantasy thriller series is very teen-focused. Often in ways that I’m not the biggest fan of. Fans of Ayumi Roux (SKAM France) will surely want to watch it.

The series also offers horror elements since waking dreams (and nightmares) are a part of the plot. In fact, the main issue is the fact that a nightmare seems to have become contagious and locks people in a dream state.

Continue reading our Endless Night season 1 review below. The series premieres on Netflix on August 3, 2022.

Not my kind of teen drama

I never really mind watching teen-focused stories. loved the German series Dark which everyone who loves sci-fi and horror should check out. Also, the kitsch style of First Kill is another more recent series that worked for me.


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Actually, even if we forget genre productions, I find both SKAM and the original British Skin to be absolutely brilliant productions. Probably because they feel more realistic and natural.

Endless Night – Review | Netflix YA Fantasy Thriller Series

Endless Night does not feel realistic in any way. The teen drama often feels forced and almost grotesquely predictable. That’s not what you want from any kind of series.

And definitely not a fantasy, horror, thriller production.

It’s a shame since the star of Endless Night is Ayumi Roux who was actually in SKAM France. Also, she was in the French Netflix series Vampires, so you might know her from that.

Watch season 1 of Endless Night on Netflix now!

The creators of Endless Night are David Perrault and Emmanuel Voisin with David Perrault (Savage State) also directing the episodes. This is the first series production from the two and while it works in some ways, it’s not something that makes me want to binge-watch it.

The teen drama and predictability of these plot developments take up far too much space. In fact, the actual core plot of contagious nightmares and a drug that allows you to dream while awake becomes a subplot. This is a shame since it’s quite intriguing.

Check it out for yourself on Netflix where season 1 has just six episodes that are each around 30-45 minutes long. Mostly, I suspect fans of Ayumi Roux (SKAM France, Vampires) will want to check out this production.

Endless Night season 1 is out on Netflix from August 3, 2022.


Creators: David Perrault, Emmanuel Voisin
Director: David Perrault
Writers: David Perrault, Emmanuel Voisin, Julie Anna Grignon, Sophie Dab
Cast: Ayumi Roux, Hanane El Yousfi, Salif Cisse, Chine Thybaud, Louïs Rault Watanabe, Léo Legrand, Théo Augier


Eva, a reclusive seventeen-year-old, meets a group of teenagers who enjoy recreationally using Icelotropine, a medication stolen from a sleep-clinic, in an attempt to cope with the pain of their tedious lives. The drug’s psychotropic effects allow them to freely navigate between their dreams and reality.

Eva is introduced to the group by Sebastien, but as the story unfolds, their escapist dreams become infectious nightmares as the line between their sleep states and reality quickly starts to blur. Sebastien finds himself trapped inside a hellish maze-like nightmare to which only Eva seems to have the key.

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