RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL: THE WILD WORLD OF JOHN MCAFEE on Netflix is a new true-crime documentary. Or rather, it’s a few years in the life of a man, who has a very familiar name. Read our full Running with the Devil documentary review here!

RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL: THE WILD WORLD OF JOHN MCAFEE is a new Netflix documentary dealing with true crime and a lot of craziness. From 2012 we follow John McAfee on the run from just about every government.

A runtime of 1 hour and 45 minutes might seem long. However, this could easily have been made into a docu-series. There is certainly plenty of stories (and footage) there. Also, importantly, it never tries to make him into neither a hero nor a villain.

Continue reading our Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee documentary review below. The new Netflix documentary is out on the streaming platform from August 24, 2022.

The John McAfee virus

Yes, the John McAfee starring in this Netflix documentary is the creator of the McAfee anti-virus program. You know, the one installed on just about every computer sold?! However, when watching Running with the Devil, it seems like John McAfee is his own worst enemy. A virus in his own life, if you’ll pardon the pun.

While the documentary does not judge or “chose sides”, it does show us enough to make up our own minds about the iconic (and rather unstable) man. Often, the camera is simply on him and allows him to speak for himself.

Sometimes, he sounds paranoid and crazy. That’s for the most part, actually. At other times, it is obvious that there is something going on. In other words, he might be paranoid, but people are also after him.

After all, he is on the run because of charges of murder, tax evasion, and much more.

Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee – Review | Netflix Documentary

What’s real and what’s just paranoia?

Of course, John McAfee also does plenty to make sure that eyes are always on him. Whether from the press or various government and law enforcement agencies. From an excessive amount of weapons and security to his alcohol and drug abuse. And his very public and loud-spoken ideas of government and justice, in general.

Is the government of Belize out to get him?

Could a major drug cartel be out to get him?


Maybe not.

There is no concrete proof either way, but John McAfee has led a crazy life, so it’s not surprising that he has gotten enemies along the way. And friends. Many friends, who speak highly of him. In Running with the Devil documentary, we get a very direct and honest portrayal of both himself and those around him.

Yet, we clearly only know what he wants anyone to know.

Watch the John McAfee documentary Running with the Devil on Netflix now!

Charlie Russell is the director of this new documentary that features a lot of footage about a decade of John McAfee’s life. You’ll hear from the journalist and cameraman from VICE, who first went on this crazy “escape” with him. And many others who got close to him over the years. Including a girlfriend and a wife.

Maybe if John McAfee had held back on the drugs and alcohol, he could’ve done a lot more good in this world. In fact, he most certainly could have. He had the brains for it. Instead, he chose strange battles that led him everywhere and nowhere. And always on the run.

Whether from murder charges or tax evasion, he is constantly in trouble as you’ll see in this new true-crime documentary. And you really should see it, so make sure you watch this Netflix documentary. Also, you’ve got to love those final words of doubt in Running with the Devil. He is still playing with the world!

Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee is out on Netflix from August 24, 2022.


He’s the original computer genius gone rogue, inventor of one of the most successful (and most hated) pieces of software of all time: McAfee Anti-Virus. At his peak, John McAfee was worth $100 million. But when his neighbour was murdered, McAfee went on the run – and invited a film crew with him. With access to hundreds of hours of never-before-broadcast footage of McAfee as he’s pursued by the authorities, this is the definitive story of a larger-than-life character, a man who ran for President, escaped from prison multiple times, and claimed to have hacked the world.

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