T.I.M. is a new sci-fi thriller with a stalker theme. Parts of the story may feel familiar, but it tends to have a good twist. And yes, there’s a distinct horror vibe to it. Read our full T.I.M. movie review here!

T.I.M. is a movie that builds on familiar ground while managing to deliver a fresh story. It’s a sci-fi thriller featuring both an AI and a stalker theme. The cast is small, which is never a problem for me when the actors can deliver. And they do in this!

The runtime is 1 hour and 41 minutes, which may be just a little more than I would’ve wanted. On the other hand, I was never bored or felt there was an actual lul in the story. Maybe just a bit more repetition than needed, but I’m nitpicking here.

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A futuristic 90s-inspired stalker thriller

In T.I.M., we are getting a treat in many entertaining ways. It’s part 90’s stalker thriller, but with a sci-fi story as the stalker is now an AI. This gives a futuristic vibe to the movie, which is a good thing. Otherwise, it could feel a little too “been there, seen that”.

The story focuses on Abi (Georgina Campbell), who works as a prosthetics engineer. She’s been hired to work on a humanoid artificial intelligence, which is the new product from Integrate Robotic.

The CEO (Nathaniel Parker) wants the product out ASAP, so she needs to work fast and perfection isn’t really necessary. Being first (before the Chinese, in particular) is more important. As we’ve seen in everything from Terminator to M3GAN, safety should come first.

T.I.M. (2023) – Review | Sci-fi Stalker Thriller

Do AIs dream of love?

When Abi (Georgina Campbell), and her husband Paul (Mark Rowley) arrive in their new home outside the city, it takes some adapting. Especially as the project Abi is working on becomes part of their life at home.

It’s an A.I. humanoid called T.I.M. (Eamon Farren), who is meant to be the perfect aid.

All the AIs look alike and all have the same name: T.I.M. which is short for Technologically. Integrated. Manservant. And that is exactly what he (or rather, it) is when being placed in a household.

The AI is programmed to serve her, and as it’s still evolving (and the safety features aren’t perfected yet), the working relationship transforms into an obsession. When T.I.M. sees that Paul isn’t always making Abi happy, it decides to replace him.

With all the power given to this AI, it’s remarkably easy to do. Especially due to previous problems in their marriage. And yes parts of the story may feel familiar, but it does tend to have a good twist, which makes it work.

Watch T.I.M. in Theaters or On Demand

T.I.M. is the debut film from British filmmaker Spencer Brown. He both directed and co-wrote the movie with Sarah Govett. What I enjoyed about this movie was how it was very much a classic 90s thriller, but turned on its head. With a woman in the lead.

Not as the stalker, but as the victim. Everything that happens would’ve been with a very different tone, had it been a female stalker and male victim (think Fatal Attraction)

Having a strong cast with horror darling Georgina Campbell in the lead is a good way to start. Over the past few years, we’ve enjoyed seeing Georgina Campbell in Barbarian (2022), Bird Box: Barcelona (2023), and Lovely, Dark, and Deep (2023).

In this new sci-fi thriller, she’s cementing her final girl star power! If you’re attuned to “foreshadowing”, then you won’t be surprised much, as many things have been teased earlier in this manner. And yet, I still found myself enjoying the film.

T.I.M. premieres In Theaters and On Demand on January 12, 2024.


Director: Spencer Brown
Writers: Spencer Brown, Sarah Govett
Cast: Georgina Campbell, Eamon Farren, Mark Rowley, Amara Karan, Nathaniel Parker


An engineer begins work on her company’s latest product, an A.I. humanoid called T.I.M. – Technologically. Integrated. Manservant. Things take a turn for the worse when T.I.M.’s servient programming leads to a dangerous obsession with her.

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