GUNS AKIMBO is a crazy and intense movie by Jason Lei Howden. It stars Daniel Radcliffe and Samara Weaving fighting to the death. The movie is an action-comedy but it does have elements of sci-fi as well. Read our full Guns Akimbo review here!

Guns Akimbo is a movie by Jason Lei Howden which is more than enough reason to check it out. I loved his previous movie (more on that in the last paragraph of this review), so I was very excited about this one as well.

Also, it has Daniel Radcliffe and Samara Weaving in the lead roles. Obviously, people still know Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, but he is making the coolest film choices these days. And Samara Weaving is just so damn cool… and downright scary in this latest action-comedy extravaganza!

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Daniel Radcliffe and Samara Weaving fight it out

Guns Akimbo is essentially about a new kind of underground reality show. Two people are tasked with fighting each other till the death and it all streams live online. Obviously, there is more to the story than just that. However, this is where the story begins.

Also, Daniel Radcliffe is a programmer working on a stupid mobile video game. He hates his life and lives only to hunt down Internet trolls. He’s very politically correct but does turn into a troll as well, when he hunts these other trolls. And when he goes after the “fight to the death” reality show, he becomes a contestant.

Whether you like the movie choices Daniel Radcliffe has made in recent years, you must admit that they are never boring. Also, he tends to do primarily genre movies with an extra edge, so we love that. The adaptation of Joe Hill’s novel Horns is just one good example of his awesome genre focus and choices.

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Samara Weaving has been doing a lot of the same. She was amazing in both Mayhem and the Netflix movie The Babysitter which were both from 2017 and really brought our attention to her. Then in 2019, Samara Weaving came out with Ready or Not. There will also be a The Babysitter sequel >

Whether she plays the “good guy” or the “bad guy”, she is always extremely entertaining to watch. In Guns Akimbo, Samara Weaving is so damn cool, a total badass fighter and has a pretty crazy look. Also, she looks like she could kill you and not think twice about it. Because, well, she could… and does!

Guns Akimbo – Movie Review

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The writer and director of Guns Akimbo is Jason Lei Howden, who also made the amazing movie Deathgasm from 2015. That one was his first feature film and Guns Akimbo is only his second feature, so we still have plenty to look forward to from him.

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While the movies by Jason Lei Howden are always genre-hybrids, they fall wonderfully within our beloved genres in some way. The fact that Guns Akimbo premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and then went on to screen at Fantastic Fest and Sitges film festival, should tell you that this is definitely a genre film.

Check out the trailer for this movie below to get an idea of what to expect. If it looks interesting to you, then you can go ahead and check out the movie. It does not disappoint – though it is a bit too long for my taste. I prefer a tight 90 minutes movie for this kind of story. Also, if you like Guns Akimbo then please check out Deathgasm.

Guns Akimbo is out in theaters and On Demand from February 28, 2020.


Written & Directed by: Jason Lei Howden
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Samara Weaving, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Ned Dennehy, Rhys Darby


Miles’ (Daniel Radcliffe) nerdy existence as a video game developer takes a dramatic turn when he inadvertently gets caught up as the next contestant with SKIZM, an underground gang live-streaming real-life death matches. While Miles excels at running away from everything, that won’t help him outlast Nix (Samara Weaving), a killer at the top of her game.

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