LOVELY, DARK, AND DEEP is a horror movie of the trippy variety, but also one that manages several very creepy scenes. Georgina Campbell is great in the lead role and nails it yet again. Screened at Fantasia 2023. Read our Lovely, Dark, and Deep movie review here!

LOVELY, DARK, AND DEEP is a new horror movie screening at Fantasia 2023. It takes place in the woods where it gets very dark at night. I love the outdoors, but I am also acutely aware of all the dangers that lie there. Perceived and real.

The core plot in this particular horror movie features a theory about what really happens to all the people who go missing in US national forests. It does get quite trippy along the way, but the ending offers enough explanation that I can’t imagine you’ll still be feeling lost when the end credits come. Scared? Probably. Lost? No.

Continue reading our Lovely, Dark, and Deep movie review below. It has a world premiere at Fantasia 2023.

The woods are indeed lovely, dark, and deep

Yes, the title really does refer to the woods. And this horror movie is full of gorgeous and absolutely stunning visuals. Nature can be breathtakingly beautiful in one light and a deeply frightening nightmare in another. A forest in daylight is amazing, but it can be the same at night if you gaze at the stars.

If instead, you look into the darkness surrounding you, it’s absolutely terrifying.

In this story, a lot of mysterious disappearances are part of the core plot. We hear what seems to be calls to a radio station and various podcasts, where people theorize about these disappearances. Lovely, Dark, and Deep is based on these very real disappearances that do indeed spark many theories.

In that sense, this horror movie is straight-up based on a true story. Actually, it’s based much more on a real story than some movies claiming to be based on true stories.

Lovely, Dark, and Deep (2023) – Review | Fantasia

More horror with Georgina Campbell

You know how sometimes an actor comes along that seems to be in all new movies? Well, for me, that actor is Georgina Campbell right now. From Barbarian to Bird Box Barcelona, and now Lovely, Dark, and Deep for Fantasia 2023, Georgina Campbell just keeps being a the forefront.

And for good reason!

In Lovely, Dark, and Deep she is the absolute star of the story and movie. She portrays a park ranger who finally manages to get an isolated forest outpost, she’s been trying to land for years. This is also the site of multiple mysterious disappearances, which is something she’s interested in investigating.

And yes, there are personal reasons for this as well. It isn’t really a spoiler to state this, as it’s part of the plot. A spoiler would be to tell you what she discovers and, obviously, I won’t be doing that.

From the beginning of her three-month stay at this outpost, she is tormented by nightmares and visions blending the past and present with something sinister. Elements of the movie feel like a fever dream (or nightmare, really) which is why it also feels like a trippy mindf*ck.

Mostly in a good and very creepy way, so horror fans should enjoy these moments.

Lovely, Dark, and Deep at Fantasia 2023

Teresa Sutherland is the writer and director of Lovely, Dark, and Deep which is her feature film directorial debut. As a writer, she’s already made quite a mark. She wrote the screenplay for Emma Tammi’s amazing horror western The Wind (2018) and was a writer on Mike Flanagan’s Midnight Mass series.

It was while working in the writer’s room on Flanagan’s Netflix series that she met fellow writer and producer Elan Gale (The Midnight Club). After reading Teresa Sutherland’s script for this movie, he came on as a producer with QWGmire which also has Molly Quinn (Doctor Sleep, Agnes) and Matthew Welty (Agnes) as producers.

While I’m focusing on Georgina Campbell – due to her being the star and having many scenes alone – the rest of the cast is also amazing. Other actors in this movie include Nick Blood (The Offering) and Wai Ching Ho (Two Sentence Horror Stories). Also in a small role, we have a Dane in Søren Hellerup, so I have to give a shout-out to my fellow countryman.

Overall, the more trippy and mind-boggling elements may be too much for some viewers. However, if you just surrender to it and follow the flow, you will be rewarded in the end.

Lovely, Dark, and Deep was screened at Fantasia 2023 in Canada. It will be out in US theaters and on demand on February 22, 2024.


Writer/Director: Teresa Sutherland
Cast: Georgina Campbell, Nick Blood, Wai Ching Ho, Mick Greer, Celia Williams


A National Park Ranger on her first posting to the backcountry uses her time to search for clues about what really happened to her missing younger sister. She soon discovers that part of the job is appeasing the entity that took her.

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