THE BRIDGE CURSE is a new Netflix horror movie from Taiwan. A group of students dare each other to test an urban legend. If it’s true, their lives could be in danger. A classic horror story. Read our full The Bridge Curse review here!

THE BRIDGE CURSE is a new Netflix horror movie. It’s a classic horror story about a group of students, who just have to challenge an urban legend. It includes crossing a creepy bridge, but that’s only the very beginning.

If you’ve watched the South Korean horror anthology Goedam, then you should recognize some elements of The Bridge Curse. Some of the very same urban legends are part of this movie as well.

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Continue reading our The Bridge Curse review below and check it out on Netflix.

A very classic horror movie

There is nothing innovative about the story in The Bridge Curse. However, that really isn’t necessary to deliver on solid entertainment.

Also, while much of the plot could just as easily have played out in the US (yes, a remake could easily be done) there are also classic Asian horror elements. Particularly, we get the eerily grey (almost blue) girl with long black hair covering her face. However, this isn’t used too much and the jump scares are generally pretty good.

The same can be said for the characters themselves and the acting. It works because it’s all done with respect for both the genre and creating an actual storyline. Right off the bat, I didn’t recognize any of the actors in The Bridge Curse much.

However, Wan-Ru Zhan was actually also in the Taiwanese Netflix series Green Door, so you might recognize her.

The ending of The Bridge Curse on Netflix

The ending of The Bridge Curse really shouldn’t require much explaining. In fact, The Bridge Curse ending is explained in the classic horror way; A character suddenly sees the bigger picture, and all the pieces of the puzzle come together to reveal how it’s all connected.

I should also mention that there is a twist at the end, which you will probably have guessed long in advance. Or, at the very least, have noticed that something is a bit off and will probably be part of the ending.

You’ll see!

The Bridge Curse – Netflix Review

Horror from Taiwan on Netflix

This horror movie is from Taiwan which shouldn’t keep you from watching it if you’ve checked out any of the previous Taiwanese releases on Netflix. Also, many Asian countries have been a huge part of the genre scene for decades. From Godzilla to Ringu and The Host.

Taiwanese movies tend to have a rather high production level. Netflix has already released several genre series from Taiwan in recent years. One is the crime thriller The Victims’ Game and another is the horror-thriller Green Door.

Also, there’s a horror anthology series with the eerie title Til Death Do Us Part. If you’re a horror fan, you should definitely check out that last one.

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If you prefer movies to series, then there’s also The 9th Precinct and Cities of Last Things. Both are from Taiwan and both should be on Netflix. Especially the latter one is worth checking out!

Watch The Bridge Curse on Netflix now!

Lester Hsi is the director of The Bridge Curse and this is his only credit on IMDb. Of course, this isn’t saying much since Asian filmmakers rarely have updated resumes there. The screenplay was written by Keng-Ming Chang with Po-Hsiang Hao responsible for the story itself.

Keng-Ming Chang has several writing credits on IMDb including a mystery-thriller titled Schrödinger’s Cat which certainly sounds intriguing. Po-Hsiang Hao also has several credits on IMDb but only this one for writing. The rest is as a producer. Both writers are also producers on The Bridge Curse.

If you enjoy a very classic teen horror movie, then The Bridge Curse should definitely be able to deliver on that.

The Bridge Curse is out on Netflix in most countries worldwide from August 27, 2020.


Director: Lester Shih
Writers: Keng-Ming Chang, Po-Hsiang Hao
Cast: Janine Chang, Cheng Ko, J.C. Lin, Summer Meng, Vera Yen, Wan-Ru Zhan


A group of undergraduate students who dare to test the urban legend that anyone who crosses a ghostly bridge – where a women once took her own life – at midnight will find evil awaiting them.

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