LEVEL 16 on Netflix is a sci-fi thriller set in a very dystopian time. Young girls are raised in a “school” of a very strange kind. While it is a bit too long, this movie is one fascinating watch and worth your time. Read our full Level 16 movie review here!

LEVEL 16 is a new sci-fi thriller on Netflix. I didn’t really know what to expect but found myself very pleasantly surprised. This movie utilizes some of the elements we’ve seen in series such as The Handmaid’s Tale.

In other words, this is one dystopian tale that also manages to feel all too real in strange ways.

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A very different kind of “school”

The title Level 16 refers to the top level of a boarding school of sorts. Or really, it’s supposedly a school full of orphans waiting to be adopted. However, the school only has girls and nobody seems to ever get adopted. Until they get to level 16 that is.

While staying at this school, it’s all about teaching the girls virtues. Most important are obedience and cleanliness. Yeah, this is not your average school or home for orphans.

Reading, math, and other normal school subjects have been replaced with watching videos to indoctrinate the girls. Other than that, they need to clean both themselves and their surroundings. And their surroundings are quite shabby, to begin with.

Level 16 – Netflix Review

Quite a few familiar faces

I didn’t actually expect to know too many people in this new sci-fi thriller addition on Netflix. However, there were quite a few familiar faces. One was the character of Miss Brixil who was portrayed by Sara Canning who is starring in Superhost on Shudder.


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Another was Dr. Miro played by Peter Outerbridge (The Oak Room) who plays a very interesting character. Essentially, he’s the key to the actual main plot of this movie.

Also, I was surprised to see Kiana Madeira in a small role as one of the girls. She only has few lines and not much screentime. However, having just seen her in the Fear Street movies on Netflix, she’s easily recognized.

The main character of Vivien is portrayed by Katie Douglas (Defiance) and the other key character of Sophia is played by Celina Martin (iZombie).

Watch Level 16 on Netflix

Danishka Esterhazy is the writer and director of Level 16. She’s known for her female-driven stories and this is certainly right up that alley. Right now, she has the movie Slumber Party Massacre in post-production, so I feel pretty confident we’ll be reviewing more movies by Danishka Esterhazy soon.

If only it had been a bit shorter, this would have worked much better for me. And yet, this movie did definitely work for me. There was just a good 10-15 minutes that could have been cut to make it stronger and tighter.

Check out this Netflix addition if you’re in the mood for a sci-fi thriller mystery with impressive production quality, a strong cast and fascinating story.

Level 16 is out on Netflix in the US from September 1, 2021.


Director: Danishka Esterhazy
Writers: Danishka Esterhazy
Stars: Katie Douglas, Celina Martin, Sara Canning


In a bleak academy that teaches girls the virtues of passivity, two students uncover the ghastly purpose behind their training and resolve to escape.

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