THE VICTIMS’ GAME is a Netflix series from Taiwan. This crime series is reminiscent of series such as CSI and Dexter, which means it’s pretty gruesome. Also, it’s very interesting despite the first episode being a bit slow. Read more in our season 1 The Victims’ Game review here!

The Victims’ Game is a Netflix series. The genre is Crime and the production is Taiwanese.  Hopefully, you’re up for a crime series that isn’t in English because this new Netflix series from Taiwan does have a lot going for it.

Production quality is impressive which is exactly what I would expect from Taiwan – just as I would from a South Korean production. Also, both the style and off-beat characters remind me of what I’ve seen in such iconic crime series as Dexter or the original CSI.

Though I really can’t say I find most (or any) of the main characters very charming or likable to begin with.

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The dynamic duo of The Victims’ Case

The plot of The Victims’ Game very simple revolves around an unlikely, but quite efficient, duo. A forensic investigator (Joseph Chang Hsiao-chuan) with Asperger’s Syndrome and an investigative journalist (Tiffany Hsu Wei-ning). The forensic investigator finds out his daughter is caught up in a murder case that might cost her everything.

The two really are the best of both worlds since she is resourceful when he is overcome with his own stress and tics. And when he is virtually bullied, she is brazen and ballsy.

While I do enjoy watching this awesome journalist who is used to fighting against the men in charge, she doesn’t have many redeeming qualities. Not at first, anyway. Then again, she does end up helping in some roundabout ways. Especially the forensic investigator fighting for his daughter.

Tiffany Hsu Wei-ning does portray this character very well. She’s charming and endearing when it works for her, but also damn ruthless in most ways!

The Victims' Game: Season 1 – Netflix Review

A crime series with brutal deaths

Just by watching episode 1 of The Victims’ Game, you will know that this is a crime series that features some brutal deaths and obituary scenes.

Obviously, this should pique some interest for horror fans. It gets you on board and keeps you watching. Pretty smart for a series that has an entire season released in one go and wouldn’t mind you binge-watching the entire thing.

Whether you will want to or not is probably a matter of preference. I’m inclined to just binge-watch the entire thing as quickly as possible to avoid spoilers. Also, I want to see how these characters evolve since they’re mostly getting on my nerves during the pilot episode. Of course, this is also a way to introduce them in a rather straightforward way and I get that this is necessary.

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The Victims’ Game is off to a very interesting start which should get viewers engaged from the very beginning. Also, the first murder we focus on is pretty gruesome. Or, should I say, very… umm, fluid?!

Yeah, it’s the kind of murder scene where officers come running out of the room to go throw up. If you’re squeamish then this might be a bit rough for you. And honestly, they do not hold back on showing us the body of the deceased, but that’s a natural part of a crime show. Certainly, one that features on the forensic elements of crime-solving, in any case.

If this sounds like your kind of entertainment, then do check out The Victims’ Gate on Netflix. You definitely shouldn’t be bored with it even if the characters take some getting used to.

The Victims’ Game is out on Netflix with season 1 from April 30, 2020.


Stars: Hsiao-chuan Chang, Wei-Ning Hsu, Shih-Sian Wang


After discovering his estranged daughter’s link to mysterious murders, a forensic detective with Asperger’s syndrome risks everything to solve the case.

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