THE 9TH PRECINCT is a new supernatural thriller on Netflix from Taiwan. The story also features quite a lot of humor and action, so there’s something for everyone. Read more about the Taiwanese movie in our full The 9th Precinct review here!

The 9th Precinct is a new movie on Netflix from Taiwan. It covers quite a lot of genres but is mostly a supernatural thriller with a few action sequences and some fun moments. The poster (or cover on Netflix) should give you an idea of what to expect, so check that out first.

One thing this movie really has going for it, is that it never takes itself too seriously! At the same time, it has moments that are actually quite moving. Pretty impressive – even if it does feel longer than the 95 minutes runtime.

Since the movie is from Taiwan, the language is Chinese (or rather, it’s Mandarin) but dubbing options are available if “reading a movie” ruins it for you. I always prefer watching a movie in its original language, but I’m used to reading subtitles, so maybe that’s why.

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Productions from Taiwan on Netflix

We haven’t watched that many movies from Taiwan (yet, anyway), but Netflix does have another rather fascinating Taiwanese production. I am, of course, talking about the sci-fi thriller anthology series Til Death Do Us Part which is also from Taiwan.

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Also, there’s the horror-thriller series Green Door (read our Green Door review here) and the thriller Cities of Last Things which has a lot of sci-fi and drama elements as well. Check out our Cities of Last Things review here!

Basically, I’m listing these titles to show that Taiwanese productions are nothing new to Netflix. If you’ve watched any of the above productions, then you’ll know that the production quality can be very impressive! If you haven’t watched anything from Taiwan yet, then do give Til Death Do Us Part a chance. Each segment of the anthology is only around 30 minutes long!

The 9th Precinct isn’t exactly along the lines of that particular sci-fi thriller anthology. However, it does feature a lot of supernatural elements in the form of ghosts. In some ways, The 9th Precinct could be compared to R.I.P.D. from 2013 which starred Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges. However, this new movie from Taiwan just works better.

The 9th Precinct – Netflix Review

The ending of The 9th Precinct 

As with any movie, the ending of The 9th Precinct does impact the overall impression. Especially with horror-comedies or supernatural movies in general, they can sometimes lose their way. The overall vibe of this movie could be compared to comic book charm with a lot of stereotypes that work because it’s never too serious.

It also features ghosts in a way you should recognize from Asian horror movies. The ghosts are always in black and white, which is something we’ve come to expect ever since watching Ringu (eng. title The Ring) and Ju-on (eng. title The Grudge). It’s not for everyone, but I can easily accept it.

When it comes to The 9th Precinct, the ending is no big surprise. You don’t need the ending of The 9th Precinct explained if you just pay attention. There is nothing crazy or strange about the ending – no more so than anything else in this plot, in any case.

However… do not stop watching when the end credits begin! There is an end credit scene that definitely makes us believe a sequel is in the making. And we’ll be ready for it!

Watch The 9th Precinct on Netflix

Wang Ding-Lin is the director and co-writer of The 9th Precinct. I can’t see what (if anything) he has made in the past. The other screenplay writer is Mohammad N who also seems to be a newcomer. At least according to anything I can find online.

I don’t think The 9th Precinct is a movie for everyone, but it should definitely find a rather big audience on Netflix.

If you like Asian productions and supernatural thrillers then you should definitely enjoy this. It does have quite a lot of horror elements despite the primary genre being a thriller. According to IMDb, the primary genres are action, comedy, and drama. Then again, IMDb is only as good as the information someone enters into it. 

If you want to watch something that’s fun and charming while also being dark and serious (a lot of young women have been killed), then do check out this new Netflix addition!

The 9th Precinct is out on Netflix in many countries from Friday the 13th of December, 2019.


Director: Wang Ding-Lin
Writers: Mohammad N, Wang Ding-Lin
Stars: Roy Chiu, Chia-Chia Peng, Chen-Ling Wen, Eugenie Liu, Blaire Chang, Heaven Hai


An idealistic cop joins an underground police unit and battles ghoulish forces threatening the balance between the human and the supernatural realms.

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