SUSPICION on Apple TV+ is a new Crime Thriller series. It features a strong cast and a very engaging plot. Essentially, it’s very easy to get hooked on this one. The characters are intriguing and so is the storyline. Read our full Suspicion Season 1 review here!

SUSPICION is a new Crime Thriller series on Apple TV+ that got me hooked after just one episode. Season 1 has eight episodes with a runtime under one hour. I found it hard not to keep watching, so hopefully, it will be able to get viewers back week after week.


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With its strong and very diverse cast, Suspicion hits all kinds of nerves. Also, no one is safe as more than one crime seems to be taking place.

Continue reading our Suspicion Season 1 review below. The series premieres on Apple TV+ on February 4, 2022.


Choose your fighter!

When Suspicion begins, it’s with a kidnapping. Immediately thereafter, we see seemingly normal people from very different backgrounds just going about their lives in London. Not for long though, since they all experience being picked up by the police on suspicion of being involved in the aforementioned kidnapping.

The young man who was kidnapped, is the son of a very prominent US media mogul (and soon-to-be Ambassador), Katherine Newman. Of course, a woman with such a high-level job and power can only be played by Uma Thurman. However, be warned, she isn’t nearly as much on screen as you would expect.

While I always like seeing Uma Thurman on the screen, it’s okay that she isn’t featured all that much in Suspicion as first. Watching what happens to the British citizens who find themselves in very hot water is much more interesting for the plot.

Basically, these people are under suspicion due to one thing; They were all in New York when Leo Newman was kidnapped and stayed at the hotel where the kidnapping happened. Also, they have various ties to either Leo Newman or the company run by Katherine Newman.

Ah yes, the plot thickens. And never feels tired or forced!

Suspicion: Season 1 – Review | Apple TV+ Series

Some surprising casting

The main characters (or those under suspicion) are portrayed by some amazing talent. We have Elizabeth Henstridge (Wolves at the Door), Elyes Gabel (World War Z, Scorpion), Georgina Campbell (Black Mirror), Tom Rhys Harries (White Lines), and Kunal Nayyar.

Now, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, but I found Kunal Nayyar to be absolutely brilliant in this very serious role. I know him mostly from The Big Bang Theory and now I’m thinking he should be in all kinds of thrillers and much darker movies. Of course, he was also in Criminal: UK on Netflix (check it out here).

Other than these actors in key roles, we also have Mandip Gill (Yasmin Khan on Doctor Who) and Lydia West (Dracula and the brilliant Years and Years HBO mini-series) in important supporting roles.

Watch season 1 of Suspicion on Apple TV+ now!

Rob Williams (The Man in the High Castle) is the writer on this series with Chris Long (Amazing Stories) and Stefan Schwartz (The Americans, Nightflyers) directed five and three episodes respectively.

Suspicion is based on the Israeli TV series False Flag (org. title Kfulim) which began in 2015. Obviously, the original series was in a different setting, but the overall theme is very much the same.

Thanks to the cast and the very engaging storyline, I found it impossible not to get hooked on this series. With its very different characters, you should find someone to root for (or suspect) from the very beginning.

Of course, that might all change as the story progresses. But isn’t that what crime-thrillers are all about?! Enjoy!

SUSPICION will be out on Apple TV+ with two episodes on February 4, 2022. After that there will be a weekly episode (eight episodes in all).


Creator: Rob Williams
Directors: Chris Long, Stefan Schwartz
Stars: Uma Thurman, Elizabeth Henstridge, Elyes Gabel, Kunal Nayyar, Noah Emmerich, Georgina Campbell


When the son of a prominent American businesswoman (Thurman) is kidnapped from a New York hotel, the eye of suspicion quickly falls on four seemingly ordinary British citizens who were at the hotel on the night in question. As they find themselves in a trans-Atlantic cat and mouse race to evade the combined forces of the National Crime Agency and the FBI to prove their innocence, it becomes apparent that not everyone can be trusted. Who is really behind the mysterious abduction, and who is only guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

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