CATCHING KILLERS Season 2 is out on Netflix now. Once again, the true-crime documentary series has four 30-minute episodes. This time, the season opens with the BTK serial killer. Read our Catching Killers season 2 review here!

CATCHING KILLERS Season 2 on Netflix is the continuation of the true-crime documentary series. Season 1 came out just a few months ago in November 2021, so the seasons are short but frequent. So far, in any case.


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Just like in season 1, there are four episodes in the season, each with a runtime of around 30 minutes. Also, like in season 1, three serial killer cases are covered, since this season also uses two episodes on one case.

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Season 2 opens with the BTK serial killer

In many ways, Catching Killers is a sort of bitesize true-crime series. Each episode is around the half-hour mark, which obviously doesn’t leave that much time for any kind of in-depth documentary.

However, what it lacks in depth, it makes up for in tight concept. After all, this true-crime series is called Catching Killers which is exactly what each episode focuses on.

So, when episode 1 of season 2 is about the B.T.K. [Bind Torture Kill] serial killer, it isn’t actually about him. It’s about how he was caught. An actual documentary about him would take much longer than 30 minutes. On the other hand, focusing on how he was caught can be done in much less.

Catching Killers: Season 2 – Netflix Review

The cases in Catching Killers second season

In season 2 of Catching Killers, we go through three cases over the course of four episodes.

  • “Bind. Torture. Kill: BTK” is covered in episode 1
  • “Thrill Kills: The Phoenix Serial Shooter” is the case in episode 2
  • “Missing Men: The Toronto Village Killer” is featured in episodes 3 and 4

The final two episodes are divided into “part 1” and “part 2”, so this case essentially gets just over an hour in runtime.

Watch Catching Killers season 2 on Netflix now!

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To wrap up this review, I just want to say what I really like about this concept. However much I might want more focus on the victims (as a rule), I like that this true-crime production is all about catching the killers rather than who they are.

Also, as always with this true-crime production from Netflix, there are interviews with only the most relevant people who took part in catching the said killer.

Finally, I personally like the video footage from when the perpetrators are first brought in for questioning. To see them squirm as they’re caught. Or, even better, to see their arrogance falter when they realize that they’re caught. That’s why this Netflix series works for me!

Season 2 of Catching Killers is out on Netflix from February 9, 2022.


The detectives who captured the BTK Killer and other notoriously brutal murderers recount the brave actions and burdens behind their investigations.

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