MADAME WEB is on Netflix now so you can check out the latest Marvel movie from the Spider-Man universe. It did not get good reviews and box office numbers were not good. Neither is the movie. Read our full Madame Web movie review here!

MADAME WEB is now on Netflix so if you’re curious about this Marvel movie, it’s free to check out if you have a Netflix account. I never got around to watching it in the movie theater – where it didn’t run for long either – and, having now watched it, I can’t say I’m sorry about that.

The runtime is just shy of two hours, which is fine as we do need some background story and a few intriguing twists and turns along the way. However, the actual story just is not very good. Dakota Johnson does what she can in the title role, but this cannot possibly be the movie she believed she was signing on to make.

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Meet Cassandra Webb

In this latest Marvel movie, we’re getting to know Cassandra Webb aka Madame Web. She’s a paramedic in Manhattan, who we know used to be a foster kid, and generally seems like a rebel and a loner. We see her mom (Kerry Bishé) die in the opening scene.

But she’s also very good at her job. Very possibly because she’s good at focusing on the task and keeping her feelings out of it.

However, everything changes when she dies, while on the job, and as she’s brought back, she has developed the power to see the future. Well, sort of. It’s more of a deja vu thing that she can’t control. However, it does lead to her realizing that she has the power to help shape the future.

With great power comes great responsibility and all that shebang.

The title role is played by Dakota Johnson, who does a good job of portraying the superhero, who does not want to be (or feels like) a superhero. The story isn’t good, but that’s hardly something you can blame Dakota Johnson for.

There are an additional three superheroes in the making. They are portrayed by Isabela Marced (Sweet Girl), Celeste O’Connor (Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, Freaky), and the always wonderful Sydney Sweeney (Immaculate). Even the latter can’t do anything to help this mess.

Also, in small supporting roles, we see Emma Roberts (Abandoned) as Mary Parker and Adam Scott (Severance) as Ben Parker. Yes, Ben Parker as Uncle Ben. Specifically, Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben.

A nice little Spider-Man tie-in that you’ll almost miss because it’s such a tiny dot in a very big mess.

Madame Web (2024) – Review | Sci-fi Marvel on Netflix

A new Marvel origin story

As with any new superhero getting a movie, this one is very much an origin story. And, as origin stories go, this isn’t half-bad. However, just about everything else feels forced. Even the villain is just bad – and not in a “good” way.

Actually, I’m sorry, but the villain is terrible. He looks way too much like the actual Spider-Man, which offers him a hero identity that is very wrong for this story. Also, he both sounds and appears to be dubbed or in other ways have had lines altered or added.

Once you notice the change in sound and vibe whenever he speaks, it breaks all illusions and it feels like a half-baked end product. The actor portraying the villain, Ezekiel Sims, is Tahar Rahim. He was amazing in the miniseries The Serpent about a real-life serial killer. Do check out that one to see his acting skills!

Virtually all the characters are underdeveloped as the story is forced forward in a hurry. This also means you have to ignore massive plotholes. Like how a wanted person can go from New York to Peru and back with no explanation given. In 2003, which is two years after 9/11 that made airport security extra tight.

Especially in New York!

Watch Madame Web on Netflix in the US now!

The director of Madame Web is S.J. Clarkson, who has plenty of experience making superhero adaptions. She worked on Jessica Jones and The Defenders for Netflix. Also, she directed episodes of series such as Dexter, Bates MotelHeroes, and most recently Anatomy of a Scandal.

In other words, S.J. Clarkson is a damn fine genre director. This simply cannot be the movie she envisioned making when she signed up to do this adaptation. If you’ve read any interviews with Dakota Johnson, it’s actually pretty obvious that a lot changed during production. And clearly not for the better!

The screenplay has three writers credited with the story (Kerem Sanga, Matt Sazama, and Burk Sharpless) and four writers for the screenplay: Matt Sazama & Burk Sharpless (Lost in Space, Morbius), plus Claire Parker and director S.J. Clarkson.

Whatever this started out as it ended up as something very different. Personally, I’m still very curious about some of the original stories I’ve read about. Such as a Terminator-like plot, where Mary Parker was to be protected as she was about to give birth to Peter Parker. It would explain why Emma Roberts is Mary Parker.

Also, this is (of course!) based on a Marvel comic book in the Spider-Man universe, so Stan Lee and Steve Ditko get recognition. As do Denny O’Neil and John Romita Jr. as they created the Madame Web character and comic books.

Maybe one day we’ll get a new chance of getting the story. But I wouldn’t hold my breath!

Madame Web is out on Netflix in the United States on May 14, 2024.


Director: S.J. Clarkson
Screenwriters: Matt Sazama, Burk Sharpless, Claire Parker, S.J. Clarkson
Cast: Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O’Connor, Isabela Merced, Tahar Rahim, Mike Epps, Emma Roberts, Adam Scott


Discovering that she can see into the future, a paramedic must use her new powers to save a trio of young women from a mysterious, spidery villain.

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