The Gasoline Thieves [org. title Huachicolero] is a drama thriller that premiered on Tribeca. It’s a dark and gritty story that offers insight into how some people live. A bit of a slow-burner but very much worth watching! Learn more in this review!

The Gasoline Thieves is first and foremost a drama with thriller elements. However, it takes place in a very dark and brutal world. The story takes place in Mexico and starts out innocently enough but turns violent and deadly for several characters.

At first, you might think The Gasoline Thieves is your average “coming-of-age” story. In some ways, it absolutely is. But this isn’t a sweet little comedy or romcom. It’s a realistic look at the challenges some young people face. Or rather, the lack of opportunity and what that might drive you to do.

The Gasoline Thieves (org. title Huachicolero) is worth watching if you’re willing to sit back and just watch the world Lalo lives in. 

The Gasoline Thieves – Review [Huachicolero]

A teenage boy named Lalo

The story in The Gasoline Thieves is basically Lalo’s story. Lalo is portrayed absolutely perfectly by Eduardo Banda. This is his film debut and he does a stellar job. Your heart will break with him and you will think he’s a fool at times. After all, Lalo is a teenage boy.

Everything starts to go very wrong when Lalo has a crush on a girl and needs to get his hands on a smartphone. Those things are expensive and Lalo has no money. He does, however, work as well as go to school, so he’s ready to do what it takes. Unfortunately, the quick way to money involves some less than legal activities.

Of course, those committing the crime of stealing gasoline can almost convince themselves that they’re not really stealing. If they take the gasoline from public land, then it’s kinda sorta allowed, right? Anyway, the real threat isn’t from the police or government. It’s from other gasoline thieves or “Huachicoleros”.

The Gasoline Thieves – Review [Huachicolero]

Feature film debut premiere at Tribeca

The Gasoline Thieves was directed and co-written by Edgar Nito. This is the first feature film for Edgar Nito who previously wrote and directed a few short films and a segment of the anthology México Bárbaro (2014).

Not bad to have your feature film debut at Tribeca film festival, but it is very much deserved.

The co-writer of The Gasoline Thieves (org. title Huachicolero) is Alfredo Mendoza who has written for several TV series as well as short films and documentary. The feeling of this feature film is almost that of a ruthless documentary at times. The realism of it almost gives off that vibe but the story does center on Lalo’s dramatic coming-of-age story.

The Gasoline Thieves (org. title Huachicolero) premiered at Tribeca on April 25, 2019.


Director: Edgar Nito
Writers: Alfredo Mendoza, Edgar Nito
Stars: Fernando Becerril, Regina Reynoso, Leonardo Alonso


An innocent crush propels fourteen year old Lalo’s descent into the criminal underworld of illegal gasoline extraction. What begins as a fast track for the latest smartphone quickly veers into a deadly fight for his life.

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