IMMACULATE is a new horror movie out on VOD now – and also in theaters still. It has a religion-based horror plot with a few twists. Sydney Sweeney is perfect in the lead role. Read our full Immaculate movie review here!

IMMACULATE is a horror movie starring Sydney Sweeney and with a religion-based plot. There are quite a few of those out right now with The First Omen and Immaculate being released in theaters just weeks apart. And now this horror movie – which premiered first – is out on VOD.

The runtime is just 1 hour and 29 minutes, Sydney Sweeney is amazing (as always!), and the ending is desperately brutal!

Continue reading our Immaculate movie review below. The movie premiered in theaters on March 22 and is out on PVOD from April 16, 2024.

Women and Religion

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of organized religion. For one, it seems women are always second-class citizens and have little to no autonomy. Yes, even in Catholicism where the Virgin Mary is very revered. Of course, she’s only respected due to her carrying the Messiah in her womb.

The lead character, Sister Cecilia (Sydney Sweeney), is about to learn what it’s like to be carrying the second coming of the Messiah in Immaculate. Shortly after the very devout American nun arrives at her new home – a remote convent in the Italian countryside – she becomes pregnant.

It’s an immaculate conception and, obviously, this can only mean she’s carrying the next Messiah. Sister Cecilia is not feeling good about anything going on. And, to be fair, people around her have been acting rather strange ever since she arrived.

Once she becomes pregnant, it doesn’t get much better. In fact, it gets even crazier. Mind you, Immaculate isn’t full of jump scares or demonic happenings. Instead, it’s a decidedly psychological horror movie. And yes, there are jump scares, but they feel more organic.

Okay, there is also quite a lot of blood later on, but there are good reasons for that!

Immaculate (2024) – Review | Horror Movie

Sydney Sweeney is fierce and breathtaking

While the religion-based horror plot might sound familiar, I can promise you that this one has a few twists. Instead of supernatural and demonic forces, the ones you need to fear the most are very human. Isn’t that often the case though?!

The all-important lead role of Sister Cecilia is portrayed by Sydney Sweeney. While I have yet to watch anything where she wasn’t brilliant, she has been in movies that were less than brilliant. For Immaculate, she is the one that makes it all come together.

Sydney Sweeney was amazing in the Euphoria TV series, a perfect horror diva in Nocturne, and unforgettable in the Gillian Flynn-based HBO series Sharp Objects. With her role as Sister Cecilia, she goes from being sweet and devout to fighting for her life in a very physical and brutal way.

Alongside Sydney Sweeney, we also get a wonderful cast, which helps it all come together. Álvaro Morte (Mirage, The Head) plays Father Sal Tedeschi, a former biologist who found his calling later in life. As Mother Superior, we have the always amazing Dora Romano (My Brilliant Friend, The First Omen).

Simona Tabasco (The White Lotus) portrays Sister Mary, Giulia Heathfield Di Renzi is Sister Isabelle, and Benedetta Porcaroli (7 Women and a Murder) plays Sister Gwen. The latter becomes Sister Cecilia’s best friend as they arrive at the same time and are both very bubbly.

Watch Immaculate on PVOD now!

Michael Mohan (Ghostwriter) is the director of Immaculate and the screenplay comes from Andrew Lobel and is a feature film debut. The director Michael Mohan also directed and wrote The Voyeurs and co-created the Everything Sucks! series on Netflix. Both had Sydney Sweeney in starring roles!

I personally loved the way this movie focused on both the pure and devout side of religion, where love is at the forefront, while also acknowledging the darker sides of organized religion.

I also wanted to mention the gorgeous cinematography by Elisha Christian, who usually works with director Michael Mohan. From the beautiful landscape imagery to in-your-face shots of Sister Cecilia, it all comes alive. Elisha Christian was the director of photography on The Night House (2020).

While this movie is about a nun who becomes pregnant even though she is a virgin, the story has nothing to do with all the classic (or typical) developments where the devil or other demonic forces come into play. The human beings in this movie are definitely the true villains and I loved that!

With its release on PVOD, you can find it on digital platforms such as Fandango (formerly called “Vudu”), Prime Video, or AppleTV+ and watch it at home. I will say, however, that this is the kind of horror movie that works extremely well in theaters. If you get the chance, watching it in a movie theater could make for a more intense viewing experience.

IMMACULATE was released in theaters on March 22, and on PVOD on April 16, 2024.


In Theaters: March 22, 2024
On PVOD: April 16, 2024
Director: Michael Mohan
Writer: Andrew Lobel
Cast: Sydney Sweeney, Simona Tabasco, Álvaro Morte, Benedetta Porcaroli, Dora Romano


Cecilia a woman of devout faith is warm welcomed to the picture-perfect Italian countryside where she is offered a new role at an illustrious convent. But it becomes clearer to Cecilia that her new home harbors dark and horrifying secrets

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