KILLER BODY COUNT on Tubi is a slasher and yet again, Tubi delivers quite the genre gem. Behind the generic title is a gorgeously dark horror-comedy with a survival plot. Read our Killer Body Count movie review here!

KILLER BODY COUNT is a new Tubi movie and this one is a bonafide slasher. We’re talking old-school practical effects, and young people being targeted simply for their very natural hormone-induced physical desires.

If you haven’t jumped on board the Tubi train yet, it’s high time that you do. From Slay to Invasive and now with Killer Body Count, there are some true genre gems on this free streaming platform. Also, there is diversity done right. Which means it’s there naturally and not just for show.

Continue reading our Killer Body Count movie review below. Find it on Tubi from May 17, 2024.

Get off, get killed!

The teenage girl, Cami, is sent to an isolated rehab center by her very devout father. She recently lost her mom and while her father has found solace in the Church, it has become a prison for her. Her addiction has nothing to do with substance abuse, but rather her interest in umm physical pleasure.

Or, the pursuit of it, I should say. She hasn’t been too lucky with getting “there” yet, which is a theme in Killer Body Count.

At the rehab center – for teens who are just being teenagers – a killer begins to hunt those who have been admitted to the center by their family members. Basically, nothing is stopping these teens from getting “involved” with one another.

However, whenever someone gets off, they tend to get killed immediately after. By someone in a black robe, wearing a devil mask. Oh yes, the symbolism is heavy with this one, which is simply perfect. Also, this slasher does not hate on religion.

In fact, it only speaks against people using religion against others.

Religion in the sense of loving thy neighbor and attempting to help and understand your fellow man, is clearly shown as a positive thing.

Killer Body Count (2024) – Review | Tubi Slasher

“Jehoga” and creative use of scripture

In this latest Tubi gem – and, trust me, this is one hell of a gem (pun intended) – there is some very creative use of scripture. Like adding words to suit one’s purpose. Or use passages for some very twisted actions. You’ll see what I mean by the latter in the third act.

Let’s just say that “family relations” have an added meaning in Killer Body Count.

Also, there’s “Jehoga” which is (of course!) a Christian take on yoga. Clearly, yoga is too suggestive and just wrong, but with a few Christian changes and a touch of Jesus, it becomes Jehoga and is fine with God.

It does seem that the “changes” are mostly in what the poses are called, but apparently, that’s enough.

The cast of this Tubi survival slasher

If you’ve been checking out some of the recent (and really good) Tubi horror movies, then you’ll recognize a few of the actors.

We have Khosi Ngema as Ali, who throws one mean punch at one point, and Alex McGregor as Tawny, who is one of the “counselors”. Both were in Invasive (2024) and they are at least as good in Killer Body Count as they were in that one. However, this is more camp, which I love, and they’re great with that!

The lead character in Killer Body Count is Cami George portrayed by Cassiel Eatock-Winnik (The Dark Tower). I hope to see Cassiel Eatock-Winnik in a lot more genre movies. She is one fierce actor, who works perfectly in the lead here.

Also, there’s Savana Tardieu (Black Mirror) as Wyatt, N’kone Mametja as Mia, Jessie Diepeveen as Bree, and Bjorn Steinbach (Resident Evil series) as Eugene, the other counselor at the “rehab center”. Every single one of them is amazing!

Watch Killer Body Count on Tubi now!

The director of Killer Body Count is Danishka Esterhazy. She previously directed a 2021 remake of the 1982 classic horror Slumber Party Massacre and also directed the original sci-fi thriller Level 16 (2018). Also, she directed a few episodes of the Canadian genre hybrid Astrid and Lilly Save the World.

Jessica Landry wrote the screenplay for Killer Body Count. Previously, she has written A Podcast to Die For (2023), Who Kidnapped My Mom? (2022), and she co-wrote the 2022 Tubi Original Obsessed to Death starring Holland Roden. I can’t speak to her previous movies, but I loved this one!

If you, like me, love your slasher with a side of horror-comedy and dark social satire and commentary, then Killer Body Count should be perfect for you. Also, if you enjoy your slashers using practical effects and have characters who reference horror logic, you should have fun with this one. Check it out!

Killer Body Count is on Tubi from May 17, 2024.


Director: Danishka Esterhazy
Writer: Jessica Landry
Stars: Cassiel Eatock-Winnik, Savana Tardieu, Khosi Ngema, N’kone Mametja, Alex McGregor, Bjorn Steinbach, Jessie Diepeveen


Mistaken as a sex addict by her dad, Cami is sent off to a remote religious treatment center where the other kids are being hunted by a killer.

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