INVASION on Apple TV+ is a new Sci-Fi series about a global alien invasion and human beings trying to survive. A strong cast and engaging stories make for a strong opening. Read our Invasion season 1 review here!

INVASION is a new Apple TV+ series in the Sci-Fi, Horror, and Thriller genres. You’ll follow people all over the world as a global alien invasion is underway. Of course, we [the viewers] know that it’s an alien invasion but to the characters in the series, it’s not so obvious.

Personally, I love the way this series focuses on the event from various places all over the world. Obviously, in order to fight this new enemy, human beings of the world need to work together. Clearly, this is easier said than done. As we also saw with the brilliant Arrival (2016).

Continue reading our Invasion season 1 review here and find the first three episodes on Apple TV+ from October 22, 2021.

Aliens or terrorists?

While we all know that Invasion is a new Apple TV+ series about a global alien invasion, the characters in the series only know that they are under attack. Human beings immediately just go into fight or flight mode in order to survive.

And since terrorism is the first assumption (to explain these coordinated attacks), the world is extremely tough for anyone who is (or looks like they could be) Muslim. This particular element is the focus on one story placed in the US.

Another story in another part of the United States features Sam Neill as a Godfearing sheriff retiring the very day of the alien invasion. Also, in other parts of the world, we follow people working with space exploration at JASA (NASA in Japan) and a school bus full of children that have been in an accident (in England).

Invasion – Apple TV+ Series Review

A bit of a slow-burner, but very intriguing

The first three episodes of Invasion are being released on Apple TV+ for the premiere. An excellent choice since just one episode would not have made for a very good introduction. However, with three episodes you’ll get a good idea about the feel and style of this new sci-fi horror series.

Also, it is quite the slow-burn storyline during these first three episodes. Mostly due to having a lot of characters introduced. Plus, of course, many different countries and cultures. Again, I do love this take on a global alien invasion. Instead of always having it take place in just one location (usually the US).

Ultimately, the strong cast (with both familiar and fresh faces), along with the engaging stories, make for a strong opening to this new Apple TV Plus series.

Watch Season 1 of Invasion on Apple TV Plus!

Simon Kinberg (several X-Men movies, The Twilight Zone) and David Weil (Hunters) are the creators behind Invasion. Directors of the season 1 episodes include Amanda Marsalis (Westworld), Jamie Payne (The Alienist), and Jakob Verbruggen (The Fall, Black Mirror).

The official genres for this new series are sci-fi, fantasy, and drama, but there are plenty of moments that belong to the horror and thriller genres. In other words, this isn’t a “cutesy” sci-fi series. Then again, a series about alien invasion and human survival shouldn’t be.

We’ve watched the first three episodes (which is what everyone can watch on premiere day) for this review. However, we will definitely be watching the rest of this series. Season 1 has a total of 10 episodes and the season 1 finale will be out on December 10, 2021.

Invasion premieres on Apple TV+ with the first three episodes on October 22, 2021, followed by new episodes weekly, every Friday.


Earth is visited by an alien species that threatens humanity’s existence. Events unfold in real time through the eyes of five ordinary people across the globe as they struggle to make sense of the chaos unraveling around them.

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