WARNING is a new sci-fi thriller anthology with some amazing stories and a big Black Mirror vibe. Featuring what can only be called an ensemble cast, you’ll be seeing familiar faces in every small story. Read our full Warning movie review here!

WARNING is a new anthology that takes place in the near future. We’re in the sci-fi and thriller genres. Also, with a touch of horror here and there since this all plays down with the ending of the world as a backdrop. Basically, it’s right up the alley of Black Mirror and in a very good way.


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There is one main issue with the overall storytelling of this anthology and it’s the fact that we jump around quite a lot. One story isn’t finished before we jump on to the next story. Eventually, you’ll have many stories to keep track of. While they are connected in some way, it does feel a bit messy along the way.

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You’ll find your own favorite stories

As with any anthology, there are some stories that I prefer to others. Usually, because both the characters and plot are more to my liking. That doesn’t mean there are any bad stories in Warning (I don’t think there are, anyway), since they all serve their own purpose.

Essentially, all the stories feel like something that could have been an entire episode of Black Mirror, so I was a happy camper overall. The Black Mirror vibe is more evident in some stories than others.

I particularly enjoyed the story with Alice Eve (the Black Mirror “Nosedive” episode), who has a Siri-like device which is called “God 2.0”. In this story, the comforts of having all the knowledge at your fingertips (or at your beck and call) are combined with religion.

Warning (2021) Review | Sci-fi Thriller

James D’Arcy is the voice of God 2.0 in Warning

Honestly, the God 2.0 storyline was both funny and entertaining as well as terrifying because I think it could be an actual thing. Also, James D’Arcy (The Snowman) as the voice of God in the God 2.0 device was pretty brilliant!

Plus, Alice Eve was perfect in this story, which really made it work so damn well. So was Annabelle Wallis (Malignant) in a somewhat smaller, but equally strong, story opposite Alex Pettyfer (The I-Land).

Thomas Jane plays an astronaut viewing our blue planet from out in space while the apocalypse is approaching. This is essentially the wrap-around segment, much like we saw in the Galaxy of Horror anthology. In a very different way, but still, it did feel familiar.


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In other stories, you’ll see Rupert Everett as an AI who seems to be ending his days in a “Robot Shelter” since his service are no longer desired. Also in the cast are Kylie Bunbury (Big Sky) and Patrick Schwarzenegger (Daniel Isn’t Real).

In one of the last stories, Garance Marillier from the amazing Raw (org. title Grave), and more recently the Gone for Good Netflix series, stars.

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Agata Alexander is the director of Warning as well as a co-writer. This is the feature film debut for Agata Alexander and I am very excited to see what she makes next. The other two writers working on this anthology movie are Rob Michaelson and Jason Kaye. Only the latter has any writing credits prior to this production.

With some amazing stories, a stellar cast, and that gorgeous Black Mirror vibe, Warning is definitely worth checking out. Just make sure that you’re ready for a somewhat confusing chronology at times.

I would give this anthology movie a strong 3½ out of 5, but that quite messy approach means we end on 3 instead of 4. However, it definitely comes with a big recommendation as well.

Warning is out on Digital and On Demand October 22, 2021. It’s also available on DVD & Blu-ray™ on October 26, 2021.


Director: Agata Alexander
Writer: Agata Alexander, Jason Kaye, Rob Michaelson
Stars: Annabelle Wallis, Thomas Jane, Alex Pettyfer, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Alice Eve, Rupert Everett, Kylie Bunbury 


Set in the not too distant future, this intense sci-fi thriller explores the repercussions that mankind faces when their omniscient technology becomes a substitute for human contact. But life begin to unravel when a global storm causes electronics to go haywire, leading to terrifying, deadly consequences. 

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