GUESS WHO on TUBI is a classic horror movie of the slasher variety. It may be a little predictable at times, but it’s still very entertaining. Read our full Guess Who (2024) movie review here!

GUESS WHO is a new TUBI Original. This time it’s a slasher horror movie. A masked killer is brutally going after people living in a trailer park. Also, there’s another very sinister plot in this movie that I won’t reveal here.

The runtime is good, the kill scenes are solid, and both the characters and plot work surprisingly well. This is definitely one of those TUBI movies worth spending time on as the entertainment value is very impressive.

Continue reading our Guess Who (2024) movie review below. Find it on TUBI from January 19, 2024.

Guess who’s killing people

In Guess Who, there’s a very personal story about family and figuring out what your place in this world is. And then there’s the masked psychotic killer slashing up people left and right.

The killer is hiding behind a holiday tradition called “Mummering”. People disguise themselves and tell riddles that must be solved before they reveal their identity.

This is a fun – albeit also quite sinister – holiday tradition in a trailer park, where they seem to be having fun with it. However, we also follow an outsider who meets her future in-laws for the first time, and it takes some getting used to.

She’s doing a lot better than her boyfriend, who seems to be on edge and not proud of where he comes from.

Guess Who (2024) – Review | TUBI horror movie

Great character-building plot

For any movie to work, we need to feel some way about the characters. Either we should love them or hate them, but less can do the trick. What we really shouldn’t feel is any kind of indifference.

In Guess Who, I never felt indifferent about any character as they all had something to reveal about their true selves.

Credit goes to the writers, of course, but also the cast that manages to make said characters believable. With Keeya King (Yellowjackets) in the lead, we’re off to a good start.

Also, I love that this character knows how to take care of herself and has a mean right hook. In a slasher movie, girls need to be able to fight back as much as the boys. Kaitlyn (Keeya King) knows how to fight and is quick to react.

As her boyfriend, Michael Gosse, we see Corteon Moore. He is exactly as charming as he should be. All while also clearly trying to hide the parts of his past, he isn’t proud of.

Mama Gosse – or just Edith – is the head of the Gosse family, and she’s portrayed with lots of heart by Elizabeth Saunders (From, It). Rounding out the Gosse family is a brother – fresh out of jail – and a sister with her girlfriend.

I liked all the characters and felt like they each had an important part to play.

Watch Guess Who on TUBI now!

Amelia Moses is the director of Guess Who, and we’ve watched and reviewed a few of her movies already. In 2020, she had two movies come out; Bloodthirsty (which reminded us too much of Raw) and Bleed with Me.

There’s no doubt that Amelia Moses knows how to make horror movies, and with Guess Who, there is no supernatural element. It is a straight-up slasher with a few twists and a solid horror movie ending.

Check it out for free on TUBI, where it could serve as perfect Friday night entertainment.

Guess Who is on TUBI from January 19, 2024


Director: Amelia Moses
Writers: Ian Carpenter, Aaron Martin, Matt Wells
Stars: Keeya King, Elizabeth Saunders, Andre Anthony, Corteon Moore, Michael Buie, Gabriel Darku, Mike Paterson, Chimwemwe Miller, Vanessa Jackson, Amanda Ip, Ryan Bommarito, Dean Persons


A family visit turns deadly when a psychotic killer, hiding behind an unusual tradition, shows up with one target in mind.

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