INTO THE DARK: GOOD BOY is the latest episode in the Hulu horror anthology. This time, it’s all about man’s (or is it woman’s?) best friend. Oh yes, this one is horror-comedy through and through. Which I do tend to love. Read our full Into The Dark: Good Boy review here!

GOOD BOY is the latest episode in the Hulu horror anthology Into the Dark. This time, we get a cute dog and it’s horror-comedy, so I’m very much on board from that premise alone. Overall, the segments of Into the Dark can be a little hit or miss, but the production quality is always pretty impressive. Probably due to this series being a Blumhouse production!

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Judy Greer is the star of Good Boy

This entire episode of Into the Dark really does rely on the performance of Judy Greer. She is the absolute star of Good Boy and has to deliver. Well, along with the dog, obviously! Fortunately, Judy Greer is as wonderful and amazing as ever. She works perfectly as Maggie in this episode and is more than enough reason to watch this segment of the anthology.

In case you need reminding, Judy Greer was also in the recent Halloween reboot where she played the daughter of Jamie Lee Curtis’ character Laurie Strode. And yes, Judy Greer will also be in the upcoming 2021 sequel Halloween Ends.

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Also in this episode, you’ll see Maria Conchita Alonso, Steve Guttenberg, and Ellen Wong.

You might recognize Maria Conchita Alonso from The Running Man (1987) or more recently, the Netflix series The I-Land (2019). Steve Guttenberg is probably best known for the Police Academy comedy franchise and movies like the iconic Cocoon (1985). Ellen Wong is in the Netflix series GLOW and the intense sci-fi horror movie The Void (2016).

Into The Dark: Good Boy – Hulu Review

Kitsch and dark horror-comedy

This segment of Into the Dark really is a wonderfully kitsch and dark horror-comedy. The “good boy” is, of course, the wonderful dog, who is just so cute and sweet. And then he turns into the great protector which you will get to see – but never fully.

Honestly, I want to really commend the filmmakers on the decision to go all-in with the practical effects rather than CGI. We get blood all over the place and a creature reminiscent of the werewolves from the 1980s movies. I love it!

Also, if you’re a fan of the Into the Dark anthology, you should notice that one of the dog’s toys is a small “Pooka”. It’s pretty obvious during a scene, so you’ll probably notice it. It must be a popular part of this anthology series since it has already gotten a sequel (Pooka Lives!and is now in another episode as a chew toy for Reuben (the good boy).

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Watch Into the Dark: Good Boy on Hulu now!

Good Boy was directed by Tyler MacIntyre who also directed the horror-comedy Tragedy Girls (2017). For that movie, he was also onboard for writing it while others have written this new episode of the Hulu anthology Into the Dark.

The writers of Into the Dark: Good Boy are Aaron Eisenberg and Will Eisenberg. The two previously wrote several episodes of the Netflix animated series 3Below: Tales of Arcadia which was created by our horror master Guillermo del Toro. Also, Aaron Eisenberg is actually in this episode as Evan, but he does tend to act in productions quite often as well.

If you enjoy a good horror-comedy with lots of really dark moments, then you should enjoy the Good Boy episode of Hulu’s horror anthology. Also, just check out the trailer (even if it does contain some spoilers). I mean, if you don’t like the trailer, then don’t expect to enjoy this episode. On the other hand, if you enjoy the trailer, then you should have fun with this one!

The new Good Boy episode of Into the Dark is out on Hulu from June 12, 2020.


Director: Tyler MacIntyre
Writers: Aaron Eisenberg, Will Eisenberg
Stars: Judy Greer, Steve Guttenberg, Maria Conchita Alonso, McKinley Freeman, Aaron Eisenberg, V.J. Foster, Elise Neal


A middle-aged woman called Maggie gets a 10-pound tiny little dog to help with her anxiety, but soon she discovers her titular ‘Good Boy’ is way more effective than a regular therapy dog. What starts with being extremely protective of his new owner soon turns into a bloodbath as pretty much anyone who crosses Maggie or tries to get close to her without the purest of intentions gets taken down by her new best friend.

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