GIRL IN THE PICTURE on Netflix is a new true-crime documentary that could easily have been a series and not just a movie. However, don’t worry, this is a complete story so you will find out who the girl was. Read our full Girl in the Picture documentary review here!

GIRL IN THE PICTURE is a new Netflix true-crime documentary. Despite having a runtime of just around 100 minutes, it definitely has enough twists and turns that it could have been turned into a series. Then again, I absolutely respect that this story is told in a tight way to keep a focus on the core subject.

This new Netflix documentary is from the documentary filmmaker that brought us the crazy documentary Abducted in Plain Sight. Also a true-crime case and one that blew everyone’s mind. Including mine!


Our review of Abducted in Plain Sight which is a documentary you will not be forgetting… ever >

Continue reading Girl in the Picture documentary review below. The true-crime feature film is out on Netflix from July 6, 2022.

Do we find out who the girl in the picture is?

Despite the fact that Girl in the Picture could have been a documentary series with at least three or four episodes, you will be getting the answer to who the girl in the picture is. So, don’t worry, this is definitely a complete breakdown of the true-crime.

Or rather, the true crimes. There are many crimes to cover before we get the answer to her real identity. She lived under many different names in her far too short life. Also, she was a truly brilliant mind who could’ve gone far in terms of a career. If only she had the chance.


The Hulu docu-series Captive Audience sadly has quite a lot in common with Girl in the Picture

In case you don’t know the answer to who the girl is, I won’t reveal it here. After all, this is just a (relatively) short documentary in just over an hour and a half, and getting the full story is very important.

On a very quick side note; Am I the only one who thinks the man in the picture (of the Girl in the Picture photo) looks strangely like Pedro Pascal?!

In Wonder Woman 1984, Pedro Pascal didn’t have a mustache and looked a lot like the man sitting with the girl in the picture. It’s not him. Obviously! Also, he doesn’t look like Pedro Pascal in any other picture or video footage, we see of him.

Girl in the Picture – Review | Netflix True Crime Documentary

So many twists and so much pain

Again, despite the relatively short time to tell the story, there are so many twists and turns. And so much pain. Both involve the actual girl in the picture, but also many other people.

Both those she was friends with in her far too brief life and others who were hurt like her.

This is actually the main reason, I feel that this could’ve been a series instead of “just” a feature film. Because as this documentary film progresses, we do steer quite a bit away from talking about finding out who the girl is. And yet, the core subject never actually changes.

Everything is just another strange step on the path to finding out who she was. Girl in the Picture is a brutal story about how much pain and damage one man can create. Both on this one girl and her son and many others. Before the story is over, several lives will have ended. Either confirmed or assumed.

Watch Girl in the Picture on Netflix!

Skye Borgman is the director of the Girl in the Picture documentary and she certainly has a gift for finding these stories that evolve in the most unbelievable ways. As already mentioned, she also directed the Abducted in Plain Sight Netflix documentary, which is another mind-blowing true-crime case.

With this new documentary feature film, the true crime isn’t quite as crazy. It is, however, plentiful and proof that someone can be smart, kind, and loving and still pay the ultimate price. Sometimes after suffering for years.

Another documentary by Skye Borgman is the Hulu production Dead Asleep (2021), which is not nearly as strong as Abducted in Plain Sight or this new Girl in the Picture documentary. However, it’s still the kind of case worth taking notice of. If you like true crime, then please don’t miss out on Girl in the Picture. 

If nothing else, to finally let her true name and identity be known by as many people as possible. May this amazing young woman rest in peace and power.

Girl in the Picture is out on Netflix globally from July 6, 2022.


Director: Skye Borgman
Source Material: Matt Birkbeck
Producer: Jimmy Fox
Executive Producers: Matt Birkbeck


A young mother’s mysterious death and her son’s subsequent kidnapping blow open a decades-long mystery about the woman’s true identity and the murderous federal fugitive at the center of it all.

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