CULT KILLER is a new thriller that has both a serial killer story and a revenge plot. It’s both amazing and disappointing, which is frustrating. Starring Alice Eve and Antonio Banderas. Read our full Cult Killer movie review here!

CULT KILLER is a new thriller that features a plot with a serial killer, human trafficking, and a strong revenge story. I adored parts of this movie, which is what makes it all the more disappointing that it wasn’t all good.

The runtime is 1 hour and 45 minutes, which is too long, and why it doesn’t work as well as it could have. They needed to trim parts of the story. Or maybe just have told it more chronologically instead of going back and forth for Alice Eve’s character.

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Tracking a serial killer

In Cult Killer, we meet a seasoned Private Investigator (Antonio Banderas) and his partner, Cassie Holt (Alice Eve). Or rather, we meet them when Cassie is at a pretty bad place in her life and the PI sees potential in the young woman.

For the record, their relationship is more of a father-daughter dynamic, so there’s no romance there. A very good thing in my opinion and their partnership in life and work is very believable as it stands.

The real story of Cult Killer begins when they start tracking a serial killer. This killer seems to be targeting a wealthy family. Before long, it becomes obvious that the family has a dark secret and that the serial killer is out for revenge.

Cult Killer (2024) – Review | Serial Killer Movie

The same, but different

While the solid cast of Cult Killer is led by Alice Eve and Antonio Banderas, they are not the ones that shine the most in their respective roles. They do fine and work really well together, but the way their story is told in flashbacks ruins the pacing.

What works much better is the dynamic between Alice Eve and Shelley Hennig. The two portray the person looking for the serial killer and the actual killer respectively. And no, that isn’t much of a spoiler as the identity of the killer is revealed early on.

The story then focuses on how Cassie Holt (Alice Eve) is out for revenge, while often sharing clues with Jamie Douglas (Shelley Hennig). The two talk on the phone and it becomes increasingly obvious that they are very alike.

In the end, Cassie was just the luckier one of the two unfortunate young women. Both due to her own decisions and because she met the PI portrayed by Antonio Banderas.

Shelley Hennig and Olwen Fouéré shine!

Jamie, on the other hand, is out for revenge and when you hear her story, you’ll understand why. Her story includes assault, human trafficking, and torture. All at the hands (and allowance) of a rich family: The Evans.

Specifically, Edgar and Dottie Evans. In the role of Dottie, who is the sickest character in Cult Killer, we see Olwen Fouéré (Sunrise, Texas Chainsaw Massacre) deliver a brilliant performance. Also, Nick Dunning as Edgar is a fascinating watch.

In other words, the real MVPs of this thriller are Shelley Hennig and Olwen Fouéré. I would have loved even more scenes with both of their characters. Whenever they were at the heart of the story, I was enthralled and wanted more!

Cult Killer (2024) – Review | Serial Killer Movie

Watch Cult Killer in theaters or on demand

Cult Killer was directed by Jon Keeyes, who has been directing lots of genre movies over the years and produced even more. Not necessarily movies with the most impressive IMDb ratings, but certainly very productive.

For this movie, the directing wasn’t my favorite part, but there were awesome shots. Especially when Cassie Holt (Alice Eve) and Jamie Douglas (Shelley Hennig) are talking with each other on the phone. Those scenes were the core of this movie.

The screenplay was written by Charles Burnley, and this is his first feature film script after having written two shorts. If this movie had focused more on the stories of Jamie Douglas and Cassie Holt, it would’ve been so much better. Great even!

The movie was titled “The Last Girl” for a long time. When you watch the movie, this original title of The Last Girl makes even more sense than Cult Killer but I expect the latter got more traction and is easier to hype.

Cult Killer will be released theatrically in the US on January 19, 2024, and then on PVOD on February 6. In the UK, it will be available on digital platforms on February 12, 2024.


Director: Jon Keeyes
Writer: Charles Burnley
Stars: Alice Eve, Antonio Banderas, Olwen Fouéré, Shelley Hennig, Nick Dunning


A PI (Antonio Banderas) and his partner (Alice Eve) are drawn into a web of intrigue when they start tracking a serial killer targeting a wealthy family with a dark secret.

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