MIDNIGHT IN THE SWITCHGRASS is a new Crime Thriller about a serial killer. It stars Megan Fox, Emile Hirsch, Lukas Haas, and Bruce Willis. Unfortunately, the impressive cast can’t save this very lackluster movie. Read our Midnight in the Switchgrass movie review here!

MIDNIGHT IN THE SWITCHGRASS is a new Crime Thriller with a very impressive cast and an intriguing story. On paper, anyway. A few of the actors play their roles in ways that make you feel like they really don’t want to be there. Also, there are continuity issues and a runtime that’s way too long.

This is a story about a serial killer, which does make it appealing to many. The overall movie experience is just very underwhelming. Few actors make this story come across better than what’s in the script, but it’s just not a very good movie.

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The ticket-selling cast of Midnight in the Switchgrass

There can be no doubt that the cast of Midnight in the Switchgrass is one that can draw in an audience. The poster (and much of the PR material) focuses on Megan Fox and Bruce Willis. However, they really aren’t the main actors in this. Or rather, Megan Fox does have a lot of screentime but Bruce Willis plays a very small role overall.

It seems like he’s there mostly to put on the poster. I don’t know what’s going on with Bruce Willis (Glass), but I have always enjoyed watching him in movies. Unfortunately, it does not seem like he wants to be there. The same was the case with Breach.


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As far as Megan Fox is concerned, she seems to be getting her career back on track. She’s fine in this but her character is very one-dimensional, so she can only do so much. Instead, make sure you check out her new movie Till Death which is her best since Jennifer’s Body (in my opinion, anyway).


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Also in this cast is Lukas Haas (Inception) and Emile Hirsch (The Autopsy of Jane Doe) who deliver the best performances of the movie. Again, their characters are not that deep, but especially Emile Hirsch lifts every single scene he’s in.

Midnight in the Switchgrass (2021) Review

Enough with the flashbacks!

There are so many flashbacks in Midnight in the Switchgrass and they rarely make any sense. Most flashbacks come during scenes with Emile Hirsch and I can understand why there’s a desire to highlight his performance, but still! Also, it seems like Emile Hirsch’s character only has flashbacks that feature himself. Somehow, he sees himself from the outside?! It’s just weird.

Finally, there are continuity issues in Midnight in the Switchgrass.

Just one example is to be found in the hair and beard of Bruce Willis. Or rather, how he has a strange silver neckbeard and a few millimeters of hair on his head at the beginning and end of the movie. However, for one crucial scene in the middle, he has completely clean-shaven both face and hair. It’s just weird!

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The director of Midnight in the Switchgrass is Randall Emmett and this is his directorial debut. Also, he already has another movie in post-production which is also a thriller and has a great cast yet again. However, the fact that this is the first time directing for Randall Emmett does not mean that he’s new to filmmaking.

Randall Emmett has been producing movies for more than 20 years, As a producer, his resume includes movies such as The Amityville Horror (2005), The Wicker Man (2006), and the Escape Plan. Many of the most recent movies are not very impressive (and several have Bruce Willis in the cast), but he did also produce Boss Level (2021) which I enjoyed.


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Alan Horsnail is the screenplay writer and I can’t figure out if the script is to blame mostly or if it’s the director. This is the first screenplay by Alan Horsnail, so I can imagine it’s probably just both the writer and director that need more refinement. Obviously, there is potential with a cast like this, but the actual filmmaking qualities are very lackluster.

Watch on Digital and On Demand July 23, 2021. Available on Blu-ray & DVD July 27, 2021.


Director: Randall Emmett
Writer: Alan Horsnail
Stars: Megan Fox, Bruce Willis, Emile Hirsch, Lukas Haas, Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly), Sistine Stallone, Jackie Cruz


While in Florida working on a sting operation to catch a predator who has been targeting sex workers, FBI agents Helter  (Willis) and Lombardo (Fox) cross paths with state cop Crawford (Hirsch), who’s investigating a separate string of female murders that appear to be related. Lombardo and Crawford team up to set a trap for the killer, with Lombardo putting her life on the line to act as the bait. When the off-the-books operation goes horribly wrong, Lombardo is plunged into grave danger and Crawford finds himself pitted against a serial killer in a twisted game of cat and mouse…

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