CREEPYPASTA on Screambox is a new horror anthology with quite a lot of really strong short films. As with any anthology, you’ll find your own favorite. I know I did. Both in terms of style and story. Read our CreepyPasta movie review here!

CREEPYPASTA is a new Screambox movie where viral horror stories come to life. You know, all those little creepypasta horror stories you read online? Well, now you can watch them in this new horror anthology.

Overall, I really enjoyed this anthology which is low-budget, but full of strong stories and good productions. Even the wrap-around segment was intriguing right up until the ending which – despite being somewhat predictable – also managed to deliver a good story!

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Low on budget, high on horror

From the opening segment – which is also the wrap-around segment for this horror anthology – it’s no secret that the budget is rather low. However, instead of trying to hide this (which is impossible), it’s utilized in more of a B horror movie tribute.

Sure, the make-up on the main character is a bit over-the-top in a theater production way. But hey, it gets the point across which means it works!

What also works is the various short stories. Some of them are very short while others have a bit more backstory to them before the horror really sets in. Just like in those online creepypastas.


While the term has become a bit of a catch-all term for any horror story shared online, a creepypasta was more of a horror short story posted on the Internet and based on urban legends. A horror story meant to unnerve readers and make them fear looking under the bed.

And yes, the horror works in these. Sometimes it works due to the build-up of the story. Other stories work especially due to practical effects and actors who are experts at looking terrified. Both work for me.

CreepyPasta – Review | Horror Anthology Movie

Full of horror treats

As with any anthology, you will be getting a lot of short films. These vary a lot in terms of style, production quality, language (a few are in Spanish), and overall storyline and acting.

There were no stories in the CreepyPasta Screambox horror anthology that I did not like. That in itself is no small feat. There were some that I was a bit “meh” about but that’s okay. It’s all about what tickles your horror bone.

For me, it’s always the monster hiding under the bed or in the closet. Yes, I am sort of fearing watching The Boogeyman which is coming out shortly. Give me monsters and zombies and I’m fine, but that unknown thing in the dark?! Uh uh, someone turn on the light, please.

My imagination is just too strong and I will see an ax murderer rather than just a coat hanger stand.

Watch CreepyPasta on SCREAMBOX!

In order to bring the viral horror stories known as creepypastas to life, several filmmakers have taken part. This is always the case with horror anthologies as they are essentially a collection of short films.

The same concept as we’ve seen in The ABCs of Death and V/H/S to name just two of the bigger franchises. However, in many ways, CreepyPasta reminded me more of the Two Sentence Horror Stories anthologies.


Our Two Sentence Horror Stories horror anthology Season 3 review here >

Instead of listing all the writers and directors here, we’ve included them in the detail segment below. You probably won’t know too many of these names (yet!), but you’ll want to keep an eye out for their future productions.

Especially a few of those Spanish-language productions which were among my personal favorites.

CreepyPasta is streaming exclusively on SCREAMBOX from May 23, 2023.


Directors: Carlos Cobos Aroca, Berkley Brady, Mikel Cravatta, Carlos Omar De Leon, Daniel Garcia, Tony Morales, Paul Stamper, and Buz Wallick.
Writers: David Bond, Gregory S. Burkart, Vincent Vena Cava, Carlos Omar De Leon, Daniel Garcia, Tony Morales, Marc Vidal Morcillo, and Rebecca Swan
Cast: Joie Bauer, Fernando Boza, Silvia Casanova, Brett DeJager, Griffin Robert Faulkner, Diana Fernández, Fiorito Gonzalo, Jordan Gooden, Nicole Greevy, Sarah Hanif, Michel Herráiz, Shirley Hoesing, Eva Isanta, Debbi Jones, Kathryn Kendall, Lily Muller, Sophia Muller, Mikol Nguyen, Puri Palacios, Siobhan Price, Jill Maria Robinson, Billy Shultz, Anthony T. Solano, Angelic Zambrana


The horror anthology finds a young man desperately searching for clues to escape an abandoned house.

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