MISSING on Netflix is the spiritual sequel to SEARCHING. Or, you know, just in the same franchise, so it all still plays out on the screen via various devices. Read our full Missing movie review and find it on Netflix in the US now!

MISSING is a new thriller on Netflix, which feels extremely appropriate as Netflix is also shown quite a few times on the screen. This is in the same style as the amazing SEARCHING movie, which I did find to be better.

The cast is just as great in this one, but the storyline feels more forced and less elegant. In other words, I could call every major plot twist way ahead of time.

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Still a strong concept

I definitely preferred the first movie, Searching, to this spiritual sequel. Probably both because it came first, felt fresh, and was stronger. The concept is still good, but the execution just isn’t as solid here.

I found myself not just guessing all the major plot twists, but getting annoyed that it took so long for the characters to catch up. Mostly because many clues are practically shoved in your face multiple times.

All there was missing was an actual arrow or someone drawing a red circle around whatever object would come into play as a “plot twist”. Also, the music accompanying these plot twists was so over-the-top.

Maybe it’s because filmmakers assume that people are only half-watching while being on their phones, so they need to make it obvious via sound when something big is happening. Or it’s to make sure the right emotional depth is created.

Whatever the case, I am not a fan.

Missing (2023) – Review | Thriller on Netflix

I did enjoy the cast

Fortunately, my annoyance with the storyline (or the actual storytelling) didn’t get so much in the way that I couldn’t enjoy the cast of Missing.

Just as John Cho was the all-important lead in Searching, Storm Reid (The Invisible Man, The Last of Us) is the absolute lead of Missing. She does a good job of being an almost stereotypical teenager wanting to be an adult, but not quite there in terms of actual independence, and being smart enough to take charge.

Also, her character, June, is desperately incapable of paying attention. Her mom mentions something a million times and it doesn’t quite compute (pun intended). Also, she skims so much that she misses crucial clues.

And again, it is self-evident for us viewers because the camera focuses on these details. To a fault.

However, I have no complaints as far as Storm Reid goes. She delivers exactly what the script asks of her. Her mom is portrayed by the wonderful Nia Long. Other key characters that I can’t reveal too much about here to avoid spoilers are also portrayed by familiar faces.

You’ll see Amy Landecker (Transparent, The Handmaid’s Tale), Ken Leung (Old), Megan Suri (Poker Face), and Joaquim de Almeida (Warrior Nun).

Watch Missing on Netflix now!

The directors of Missing are Nicholas D. Johnson and Will Merrick. They both worked as editors on Searching, but this is a directorial debut for Nicholas D. Johnson and a feature film directing debut for Will Merrick.


Co-director Will Merrick was also an editor on Hulu’s Run (2020) >

The screenplay for Missing also comes from Will Merrick and Nicholas D. Johnson. Obviously, a “story by”-credit is also given to the screenwriters of Searching. They are Sev Ohanian and Aneesh Chaganty. The latter was also the director of Searching.

Even though I’m less than thrilled with the execution of this movie compared to Searching, I still really love the core concept. That’s why I’m hoping we’ll be getting more movies in this franchise. Or anthology, if you will.

Missing is out on Netflix on May 20, 2023.


Directors: Nicholas D. Johnson, Will Merrick
Writers: Will Merrick, Nicholas D. Johnson, Sev Ohanian
Stars: Storm Reid, Nia Long, Amy Landecker, Ken Leung


When June’s mother and her new boyfriend don’t return from a trip to Colombia, the tech-savvy teenager undertakes her own online investigation.

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